I’m switching to the MacBook Air and here’s why


I’ve been talking about if for a while on Twitter, but I am finally making that huge leap from by switching to the MacBook, which means I’m ‘leaving’ Windows for the iOS, or rather Apple.

To some, it’s perhaps not something significant, but for me, a clear user of Windows and previously Android, the leap is huge. At least huge enough for me to actually make a blog post about it.

I’ve already shifted my mobile preference from Android to iOS when I started using the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so another move from Windows to iOS is also significant, at least to me.

Why am I moving to Apple?

Anyway, as the post suggest, here’s why I am leaving the Windows environment for iOS, and getting a MacBook Air.

My old and new laptop isn’t suitable anymore

One of the biggest reasons why I am planning to get a new laptop is because of the conditions of my old laptops.  My main laptop was the ASUS VivoBook and it’s predecessor, the Illegear Prodigy was supposed to replace my then four year old VivoBook.

However, the Prodigy proved bad for travels despite its high-end specifications, so it was obvious it wasn’t a replacement.

I could continue using the VivoBook, but the battery was damaged.

Despite replacing the battery of the VivoBook and using the laptop today, the 2017 model laptop still feels sluggish at times, and the battery drain is still quite significant, going down as much as 20% in just an hour of normal typing use.

There’s also other issues regarding to the two laptops and I’ll also elaborate on it below.

Windows got expensive

Apple used to be very pricey and they are still more expensive than most Windows laptop today.

However, Apple has introduced the MacBook Air which is just about RM3,600 after I use my Educators discount. This means the cheapest MacBook is now equal to any random Windows laptop I’d recommend to anyone.

On top of that, a high-end Windows laptop will also cost a bomb, and I already have one with my Illegear Prodigy.

I spent over RM6K for the gaming laptop only to have its battery dead after a few months, hence giving me a clear indication that it is not good for travelling. With the same amount of money, I could have bought an Apple MacBook Pro as well.

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Weight is important

My Illegear Prodigy laptop now serves as my home computer and it is used for gaming as well as video editing. However, due to its 2kg weight, it is not ideal for travelling as it’s heavy.

I still carry my ASUS Vivobook which weighs 1.6KG around, but it feels like a burden especially when you need to transfer planes when travelling or there is a need to walk a distance.

The MacBook Air is below 1.3kg, and was under RM4K.

Most Windows laptops that I found were either more expensive than the MacBook Air or with had low grade specifications at such weight.

Battery life

I am looking for a laptop that’s great for travelling.

Since I had the Prodigy, I’ve used it a lot at home as a ‘desktop’.  The laptop just sits there as I connect it to an external monitor, mouse and keyboard. It’s powerful enough for gaming and video editing. It’s a laptop I enjoy using, but it’s heavy and the battery life sucks.

My ASUS VivoBook on the other hand is lighter with an average battery life after I changed the battery to a new one. The old battery died after three years, and I have since needed to keep it plugged if I had to use it. Usually, before this happens, I’d sell off the laptop but there was a pandemic, and I dropped the laptop and it’s not exactly in pristine condition to be sold off.

The MacBook Air as I understand, has at least ten hours of battery life and I was told the battery can last for at least five years before it needs to be changed.

If that is true, I am looking at using the MacBook for quite sometime before I need to change it. MacBooks also retain a good resale value, so I could easily sell off one if I want to in the future.

Familiarity is important

Another reason why I am switching to the MacBook Air is due to my personal perception. I used to have this trend of selling off laptops once it hits three years, so that I can constantly stay up-to-date with newer laptops.

However, since my Prodigy now serves as ‘the most powerful laptop’ I have at home, I don’t see the need to do so anymore.

This means I only need one laptop for travelling and one which will remain as good as years go by.

I was told the MacBook Air does just this. While the iOS gets improved yearly, it doesn’t degrade the older laptops as much, making MacBooks function like they are still new.

An Apple environment consist of a Mac, iPhone and iPad. – Photo: Pixabay

Looking at how my iPhone 12 Pro Max still feels like it’s new despite it’s age, I am quite confident that buying a MacBook Air will also produce the same results.

I started aging

Aside from the computer related reasons, there’s also personal reasons why I am moving towards more Apple devices.  On of which has to do with my age.

People say Apple products are ‘idiot proof’, and I somewhat agree with that. With Apple, everything is simplified and easy to use, so it takes less time for me to learn something new.

This is as opposed to Windows and Android which seems to be ever changing and evolving.

As I enter my 40’s next year, learning new things is a hassle and time consuming process.  Therefore, having something that doesn’t change that much over time and does almost everything for me is good.

Peer influence

Last and of course it’s peer influence.

There’s many tech-savvy friends who recommend the MacBook to me and I guess, after so long, I’ve finally allowed it get to me.

This is particularly true after I’ve used the iPhone.

The iPhone from above

When will switching to the MacBook Air happen?

This is perhaps the long awaited question.

To be honest, with the construction of the house in the village, I don’t have much extras to spend on a new laptop.

After much consideration, and checks online on both Lazada and Shopee, I’ve concluded that I would need to put some money aside every month for the next few months to buy the MacBook.

If the plan goes right, I should be able to buy a new MacBook Air before my birthday arrives in January 2023.

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