In support of 14 August internet blackout


I am not an activist, nor am I against the government.  The thing is, some things need to be said, and that some laws are simply made so that some people would be able to be charged in court, and these people are normally those like you and me.

The evidence bill which was revised last May needs to be recalled.   The bill is ridiculous, and it only enables the normal people whom use social media and the internet to be victims of so many things.

The epic amendments now make you responsible for everything and anything on the internet, even if you are not the one doing it.  A mere ‘share’ can lead you to jail.  For a better picture, you’d better check out the image below (click to enlarge).

I know my voice is not huge, and I am but one, but I hope this ridiculous act will be revised to be more sane.  I’m not in any way asking for the government to be changed, nor am I saying I am supporting any political party by doing this post and showing my support.

It is just that such rule makes the internet impossible to use, and one can only imagine how someone can actually misuse the law to destroy or frame another.

With that said, this blog, as well as all my social media accounts (facebook and twitter) will experience and internet blackout this coming 14 August 2012.

To know more about the black out, visit Stop114A.


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