Sweat Sour style crabs

Been wanting to tell you guys that I went to Buntal somewhat last week to eat seafood with a couple of friends.  The damage was RM73 for 5 dishes which were made up of Curry Bamboo Clams (Ambal), Sea Cucumber Soup, Midin (Big plate), Oyster Egg and the one thing I have been wanting to eat for ages… Crabs!!  Oh yeah… it was FAN-TAS-TIC!

Funny thing is, the first shop we wanted to dine in was considering charging us a hefty RM80 just for the crabs (1kg), and RM22 for midin belacan. I thought the price of the crabs was normal, but RM22 for midin belacan was way too expensive.  Maybe the Midin came in gold dust… Huh!!!

Truth to be told, I have been spending my money on seafood a lot lately. I went to Batu Lintang Seafood Center (the across the Stallion building, behind the STU Kuching Division) not less than two times last November within a week span, eating seafood, and scouting for crabs… I was told by Eve that there’s a seafood restaurant in 3rd Mile selling seafood, but failed to find it and ended up at Batu Lintang… AGAIN….  before finally resorting to Buntal for a sure deal of those lovely tasting crabs.

Christmas tree in Pullman Hotel Kuching

Anyway, Christmas is like 13 days away. I love seeing Christmas decorations, and Christmas has always brought out the jolly feeling in me.  I love the season.

I have a feeling this will be a great Christmas… Maybe the feeling just comes by when you are having such a great year =) Indeed, 2010 has been a good year for me, and I hope it has been for many too.

With that said, how has your year been? Bad? Great? Good? Mixed?

Well, however it may be, we all still have 19 days before we start getting used to putting 2011 on our appointment dates.


  1. RM73? cheap!! You should try Pending Seafood. it has the best salted-egg-yolk crabs… seriously. i think i blogged about it before (u know before before this). or Rockroad Seafood (tho that’s a bit high-class to some).

    “Well, however it may be, we all still have 19 days before we start getting used to putting 2011 on our appointment dates.” is there a ‘LIKE’ button on this that I can click on? Merry Christmas in advance Cyril!

    • I wish I had that ‘LIKE’ button 😛

      I heard about Rock Road. Damn classy my friends say, and Pending, I’ve yet to go… quite far ba.. (cehh.. macamlah buntal dekat 😛 )

  2. 2010 been great and time flies! Glad to hear you had a good year too 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you!

    p/s Never heard of Midin Belacan costing RM22, and in Sarawak?? I won’t be surprised if it’s in KL he he

  3. aaaa!!Sempat u say me[lucky i read ur blog,pande u senyap2 x link back to me ;p]

    Baaa!!2moro we go crab dinner la.2 places i would recon!

    Btw, mahal ada harga ketam ko ya ehhhhhh

    • Ketam yang second ya ka mahal? yang all included RM73 ya? I think the ketam was RM18 for half kilo. How much at ur place…

      and dah link dah.. heheheh.. ari ya sik sempat ba.. lambat malam, and ngantowk gilak wanna check ur domain 🙂

  4. Haha Cyril, What’s on to you bro? Seafood huh?

    Anyway bro. Can’t say much, still on holiday and I’m in kpg. No internet connection.

    p/s: A piece of advice, not too much of seafood yeah?


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