Invitation to attend Bloggers@RWMF’09



The title says it all…so clear your calenders from 10-12 July 2009 because bloggers will officially go to the RWMF 2009!!

Yep, I am inviting bloggers whom are interested to go for the RWMF (Rainforest World Music Festival 2009) to join the Bloggers@RWMF’09. It’s kind of a blogger gathering, but it is done during the RWMF 2009, with the support of STB (Sarawak Tourism Board).  Can you just imagine any bigger event?

What are the perks you get?? Well, for starters, you get DISCOUNTED ENTRY TICKETS. Nope, you don’t get free tickets, but you get discounted ones.  How much is the discount?? I don’t know, because I am still waiting for feedback from the organizers. I am hoping for free entry, or half price at least, but we just have to wait and see la what they can give.  Nonetheless, I informed that Bloggers@RWMF’09 has already got the ‘go-ahead’ from STB, hence this post.  Other than that, you get to meet other fellow bloggers, mingle around and enjoy the RWMF!

Can’t say much on how many spaces are allocated, and what other things are going to be in the fray… Nonetheless, bloggers receiving discounted tickets a.k.a signing up for bloggers@RWMF’09 do need to do several things like; tell the world you have been to the RWMF and STB helped you to get there (once the event is over), be ready to pay for the discounted ticket, start updating your blog so that it looks to be actively updated (because, those whom update their blogs twice a year, or once in a tripple blue moon.. sorry la ha…)… and most importantly… you must be ready to parrrrttaaaayyyy!!!!


If you are interested, leave a comment below, with your blog url. At the moment, your comment (stating you’re interested) is considered a reservation for a place, and I will get you in the list based on first come, first serve basis (also noting the criteria).  Nonetheless, the list will be finalized once a confirmation from STB is obtained.  For the time being, enlist yourself for reservation of the tickets (if you are interested) and when the price is finalized, I will ask/email you whether you would still intend to go.  The final list will be out once we have confirmation from STB.

So guys, start leaving comments. I will update the list from time to time…

Update on 4thJune: If you already have a ticket to the RWMF, and want to join in the gathering, just list out your name and say you have a ticket already.  Who knows, maybe other perks will be given, and you’d qualify for that or at the very least, we can meet up, and make a huge networking among bloggers.  It’s a bloggers gathering after all.  Maybe have some games and fun before the main event.

Those in the list:

  1. Myself
  2. Amiey
  3. Keeman
  4. Fahriee
  5. LadyBird®
  6. Ah_Mike
  7. zach
  8. yomi
  9. Traclyn
  10. Jesselyn
  11. Gwendalyn
  12. Pala Tangga
  13. Ronnie
  14. chegu carol
  15. Eve
  16. norman goh
  17. mira212

The list of attending bloggers is now re-located to this post.  I’ve closed this post for comments, so if you have any enquiries, do leave a comment at this post. Thanks.


  1. Hi there….

    This gonna be my FIRST time to RWMF..can i join???

    I think for many, it will be a first. And yeah.. we would be delighted to have you around for the blogers@RWMF and the RWMF!

  2. Hi Cyril!

    Hope ’20 Bloggers ticket’ list is not full yet. Kindly add me in, if there is a place. I am flying to Kuching on 10th from KL. Plz update me ya.

    E-mailed you already Uvanes. Do check your email.

  3. Hi! This going to be my 7th year attending RWMF. Definitely interested to join the bloggers. FYI, I am fresh blogger.

    Well, you are welcomed to join us!!

  4. how sure are we of the discounts and whether stb wont say NO last minute? coz the 3-days pass thingy, the rm250 will end by 26 june.. so.. its for sure kan? :p hehe.. ive been there every year.. the price is killing me… haha. but i still love the event.. 🙂 count me in ya! hope its a sure thing.

    You are also in. Now, we wait for what STB has to say =D

  5. allo! just read this.. and am desperate for a cheap ticket! haha.. plus its a PLUS PLUS PLUS bonus for bloggers! i wanna go! count me in PUH-LEEEZEE…. hope am not too late..

    Your name is in, but wait for STB for feedback on whom will be able to get the tickets and the event, k?

  6. I am so tempted to join but havent think about plane ticket and accommodation while in Kuching.
    Should I just make myself reserved for this and once i’m in, then only i think the matters i mentioned earlier?

    Well, I’ll just put you in if you’re interested. I am still waiting for STB’s feedback about the number which can get the discount. At the moment, I also don’t know what STB will offer. Reserving a place i definitely the best option. So, are you in?

  7. Cyril!! Long time no see. Still got space?? I want in!

    Sure Ronnie.. but please give me you’re blog. Will add you once you’ve gave me your blog address =D

  8. Hmm… sound good, do I have to bring along my umbrella ? Sure to get wet when it rains in the forest.

    But I do love music, rainforest sunforest blackforest or whatever, count me in, sign me up, include my name. I live nearby at Matang, as long as I don’t have to perform, I’ll join you guys !

    You’re in bro!

  9. I don’t mind paying for the tics .But I will definitely be there & blog about it. =)
    hope you can count me in.Besides, my bro will be doing a coverage in Eastern Times about the 3 day event as well.

    Added you up Gwen. I’m still waiting for information from STB. WIll keep you updated when I get the latest news.

  10. I am already planning to go this year !!!

    Thanks so much for helping bloggers get into this event. I hope it’s gonna be awesome !

    Save a slot for me ! I’m bringing at least 10+ ppl along with me too.

    Well, Saving you a slot Traclyn. How about your buddies? They are bloggers too?? Nonetheless, the gathering is open to all bloggers irrespective of whether they get discounted tickets. Please note that the discounted tickets are limited and up to STB.

  11. I’m interested!! I’ve never been to RWMF. Hehe! =P Keep me updated please! Thank you!

    Added Naomi!! I haven’t been to the RWMF too!! First time always the sweetest.. Hopefully!

  12. hahah.. would love too.. but i think it’s in the middle of exams! lol.. have fun you two!

    Ala.. too bad… maybe next time, but if you wanna relieve the exam stress, why not?? hehe

  13. cyril..since im part of the organiser team definitely i dont need any discounted ticket. im confirming joining the blogger gathering. you know what, i have bunch of bloggers with my team too, can they join too?

    poke poke for free pass? let me try my best on this as stb’s gm is coming over to miri on the 8th jun. who’s your stb contact on this event? i can use it as my reference when i get to meet stb’s gm.

    E-mailed you already =D

  14. Initially I couldn’t make it for RWMF due to work travel, but now that the travel is cancelled count me in 🙂

    Must attend the whole of three nights?

    No lah.. I have to see what STB says first. Most likely they will give one day pass only. Hope that it will be free..hehhee

  15. interesting, if only there was some flight discounts XD

    Sorry brother… Haven’t contacted Tony Fernandez on this. Even STB is hard to get hold of..

  16. how could you leave me out from this, dude? uhuk uhuk uhuk… 🙁

    anyway count me in the bloggers@rwmf’09 but will stb consider me as im part of the organiser team under mgk9 during that event though. update me for any confirmation, ok? 😉

    So, does this mean you require a place for the discounted tickets, or you’re just joining in the gathering?? Either way, since you’re with STB.. can poke poke so that we get one day free pass??heheheh….


    Too bad nurenjel. Would be nice to see you there.

  18. I’ll join if it is free =p

    Crossing my fingers that it will be.. So, those whom has signed up.. cross your fingers too!! At the moment, it’s a discounted ticket only. Details will pursue once I have details.

  19. Hmm, the bloggers are getting more and more attention, not to mention special privileges these days. too bad I wont be in Kuching for the RWMF !!

    Too bad Robin, as hoping you would be there..

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