Is Maxis Broadband Good?


Recently, I took up the Maxis Broadband promotional plan.  With 7.2Mbps download speed, and the rate of RM18 per month for the first five months, and the maximum of 1.5GB download capacity, it’s dirt cheap.  Turn the package however you want, it’s still the cheapest wireless broadband service you have. (click the image above for better view)

Probably, you’d be saying it’s expensive, but for external use (outside home), it’s very much affordable especially when I’m not usually using it unless I desperately need internet.  I’m always desperate for internet, regardless of where I am, and being the person behind Sarawak Bloggers, I need to tend to my email almost 24 hours. 😛

Now, everyone knows about the problem with wireless broadband, which is its coverage.  There is no point getting yourself the fastest broadband speed when you are out of the speed range, and so, before I signed up for the Maxis Broadband, I checked their coverage. See below… Matang Jaya is well covered by Maxis broadband HSPDA/3G speed, which basically means I can enjoy speeds up to 7.2Mbps. Downloading files will be a breeze… or so I thought so… (click the image for better view)

Well, sadly… I only got to use the GPRS speed, and even then sometimes find myself shouting of frustration over speeds way below GPRS (like 0.0kbps).  I know, the disclaimer reads : “Actual coverage areas may differ from the illustration. Broadband coverage and signal quality is also dependent on other external factors including user location and distance. Services are provided on the best effort basis.“, but if look at the size of the covered area?  Matang Jaya is placed in the middle of the ‘Green area‘ which should mean very stable and fast connection.  To be fair, I do get good connection at some places, but that would be EDGE doing the talking, while GPRS speaks the loudest in most areas. WCDMA comes up only in my house (which I have Streamyx), and I do not need Maxis to perform above expectation at my home which has 1MB UNLIMITED broaband.  I only realized the problem after the 7 day grace period… but that’s a whole different issue.

Now, Maxis… tell me why I should say you have the best broadband service when I can’t even surf Google most of the time at my work place which is also in Matang Jaya and near my home.  If you still want to claim you are the best in the business, then improve because I’m not the type of person who goes for documentation and publication, but I do hugely go for performance… and right now, Maxis Broadband… you sucks.


  1. Very well put bro. How i wish maxis read this :)they should explain why. I got myself a streamyx as it was claimed the most reliable broadband I could find, but as for wireless broadband, I have all three Maxis, celcom and digi (I’m not greedy but it’s purely because of not-satisfied feeling). From that, I found out celcom is the suckest and then maxis, while digi quiet ok (maybe because most of the time i used for my phone). I guess all wireless broadband is not as good and they really2 need to improve, especially celcom hehehe

  2. hehehehe….its their est effort service. I do believe if you were in KL, the speed will differ than in Kuching. That is for Maxis. I have develop some belief that Maxis are only concentrating in peninsular Malaysia rather than sarawak and sabah. Digi is the next we have to wait. As sucks as celcom is, i do, majority of times, get the speeds of HSDPA / WCDMA. But in recent month, the speed is not as good as before. But it seems it getting better nowadays and i do hope the speed will be maintain

  3. Timmylicious … save your breathe. I used to live in Ipoh Road which can be considered within KL. The Maxis broadband coverage still sucks (GPRS!!!) and so some of the areas in Klang Valley. Luckily when I moved to Seri Kembangan, my apartment was within the Maxis pemancar area so got HSDPA speed most of the time.

    Nasiblah my house in Ayer Itam Penang (got transfered to Penang last month) also got HSDPA or WCDMA speed.

    Well, to you Cyril … iboh nganok Beruk Ben ya … nya sik pande panjat pokok bah.

  4. In my opinion, any wireless broadband in Sabah and Sarawak is still on the low. But I believe in 5 years from now, we will have better wireless broadband coverage. Streamyx is still the best although you might experience down time.

  5. Rodz:
    LOL… I have all three too.. Havent given Celcom a try, but their CS sucks. Called them, and they were really rude with me. Service whise, I’d sau I’m still into DiGi.

    Celcom is expensive if you consider they are charging RM50 for only a 384kbps speed.

    LOL… Celcom supporter in the house.. heheh

    Im not sure if they are getting better, but I do admit that Maxis does seem to be neglecting those in Sarawak as we have nothing much to shout about. Can’t speak on Sabah side.

    Sik nganok… but yalah, sik puas ati ba.. aku bayar ba… Mun bukan 3G area, iboh padah 3G area… teehee.. ya jak main point aku sebenarnya.

    Kenwooi & Elisha:
    Well guys, Your statement jointly says that Streamyx does do the job 🙂

  6. I think all broadband sucks right now. Exactly the same case when I subscribed to Celcom Broadband few years back. Snail speed and I had since lose faith in any broadband provided by local telecommunication company. Perhaps P1 Wimax is better but we still do not have it here in Sarawak.


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