It Didn’t Look That Bad


Last Saturday, organized the Sarawak Bloggers Talk. I was one of the speakers, and my topic was to talk on Sarawak Bloggers and the importance of blogging. It doesn’t seem to be a difficult topic considering I founded Sarawak Bloggers, and I am still very much involved in the blogging scene.


Alvin Leong with his topic

Well, I believed the sharing by Willie and Alvin were very interesting. Willie showed some new ways to increase blog traffic, which I found to be very creative, and Alvin…. well, what’s there to say about Alvin? He is already world known for his photos, and when he started to talk about photojournalism, it was more than inspirational. Alvin also mentioned why Alvin Leong Academy of Photography was set up, and that there was a one time only offer of RM50 if you wanted to join WPPM (Wedding & Portrait Photography Malaysia). However, the offer for WPPM ends at the end of the month (6 days more peeps!), in which you have to pay a premium price of RM250 to be a member.

How about my sharing/presentation, you may wonder?

Well, for starters, it was only my second time in the gap of a year doing a public sharing, and i let my nervousness get to me, big time. I’m very comfortable when I do not have to use the mic, but as it was a presentation, I just had too, and with the sound of my breath clearly heard from the mic, and the echoing of my own voice through the speakers.. I guess I just faltered. I bet everyone in the room knew I was nervous. Yep, it sucked.

The thing is, it didn’t look that bad on video. Funny. – I’ll see if I can share you the video here in a couple of days. I’m still getting used to using Adobe Premier.


  1. I bet you kicked ass! dont worry, everyone has a stage fright sometimes, even Britney Spears. I mean, Lex Luther. lol. wish i had seen that, but I was away haiya. bet your breathing over the mike wud inspire some people…. errr

  2. Haha it’s ok to be nervous bro; in due time you’ll get over it. What’s important is we’re all paying attention to your presentation…come to think about it you did wayyyy better than most YBs and Datuks!

  3. hehehe. i always get nervous doing public speaking even i did it a few times already for long houses folks. The thing i needed the most is notes. I just can’t remember the point i should speak on when i am doing public speaking. To counter that i need a short notes.

    until today i still tried to avoid public speaking but when i have to i will jot some notes.

    But when i finally finish with my speech, i feel so much relieved and happy. 😀 I’ll bet you do too.

    • Ah ye… exactly.. I also need short notes when I speak publicly, but speaking in front of students is totally different when compared to speaking in front of a adults..

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