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A question any blogger would get is “Why do you blog?

Blogging with my Versa since 2007

Yeah, sure… some would be quick to say “For money“, but not everyone earns RM12K a month like RedMummy.  I know I don’t, and I have been blogging for over 4 years.

In fact, I believe those starting a blog for money & fame will never last.  Their blog will die sooner or later after they have come to the fact that they will never earn RM12k a month.  Even getting RM1 a day is as difficult as hell.

As far as being famous, I’m sorry to break it to every ‘celebrity blogger‘ wannabe out there, but fame as a blogger does not come easy.  Ask Kenny Sia, he’ll say it’s hard work.

Possible Readers?

So why do I blog?

Well, after a long hard thought, I came to a conclusion that I blog for one of the most difficult yet simplest reason, which is…

To get a comment from my readers…

… because a comment from you, no matter if it’s just a dot, keeps me smiling for hours… and it definitely keeps the blogging flame in me going.

…and you do not have to CLICK the adverts surrounding this blog.  Just leave a comment, and it will be fine, and I will be happy.  But if you feel you want to give me some ‘angpao‘ by clicking the adverts, hell… who am I to say no?

Wishing my family, my readers and friends a very prosperous and wonderful new year! GONG XI FA CHAI!


  1. (Here’s my dot!) Just to get comments? Nah, I think it’s deeper than that. Possibly along the line of having an outlet to defrost and thaw and unload, and also saying your piece on anything or all around you. 🙂 One thing I’m not, and that is blogging for money. not because i detest it, merely because im impatient, and i hate to work the mechanics of it. sigh… who doesnt want to earn RM12K a month from blogging?

  2. so true cyril. a simple comment will definitely lit up my day knowing someone do read and connect to what ive posted.

    bah, sia rajin2 lah comment sini..kasi add up smiles to your face 🙂

  3. Hmmm… good point to ponder. Why do I blog? I blog because I like to write. It never occur to me to earn money from it. Even with my photography, I don’t earn a single cents. But if I do earn money and fame from it, it is sure a definate plus (^_^)

    Cheers mate! (I DO click your adverts whenever I drop by)


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