KEELAT Professional Cordless Hot Air Blower [Review]

This KEELAT Professional Cordless Hot Air Blower review was made possible after I bought the blower recently.

This device is also known as a Cordless heat gun.

I’ve always wanted a hot air blower but finally had an excuse to get one after a sticker from my wife’s car came off, resulting in glue needing to be removed from the car.

Before I go further, KEELAT is a Malaysian hardware brand which is slowly getting popular.

Specifications of KEELAT Cordless Hot Air Blower

Before you read my full review, here’s some specifications on the blower.

  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Material: Plastic + Alloy
  • Temperature: 550 degrees Celsius
  • Air volume: 200L/min
  • Battery: 20V/3.0Ah

How to operate the KEELAT Cordless Hot Air Blower

Operating the cordless hot air blower is really easy and straight forward.

All I needed to do is fix the battery, and press on the trigger for it to blow out hot air.

The battery can easily be fixed and taken off as well.

What I liked about the KEELAT Cordless Hot Air Blower

I like the colours of KEELAT, and the weight of the blower is also adequate.

When in operation, the trigger can allow the blower to remain operational, so I won’t have to continuously pull it to have hot air blown out.

I’m not sure about this, but I think the battery works across KEELAT products, so I can use the battery on numerous other products.

Speaking of the battery, the indicator is also very helpful and clear to determine how much power I have left when using the blower.

I also like how it have three different nozzles which can be used for different situations, and how the handle is rubberized to optimize grip.

On top of that, a one-year warranty by KEELAT also gives me confidence in the product although claiming it from Kuching might be slightly tricky.

Problems with KEELAT Cordless Hot Air Blower

Unless you do repairs, which involve glue often, using the blower is really a once in a full moon sort of thing.

This was the case for me.  That said, keeping the battery with charge will be a problem, hence why a cordless hot air blower may be a better option if you seldom use the blower.

However, if you frequently use the blower, the battery may not last as long as you want it to, hence creating sort of a problem since KEELAT only provided one battery with the whole set.

I also felt the blower could do with different types of temperature setting to control the heat it blows. I think this is not something common on hot air blowers, but it is something I’d like to have in the future.

The accompanying case, or toolbox is also not really good as its fragile and doesn’t hold the items in place properly. This meant every time I opened the box, everything will likely be jumbled up after I carry the whole box around.

Other than that, there’s not much to complain about.

KEELAT Professional Cordless Hot Air Blower conclusion

Overall, I do at times feel the RM219 I paid for the cordless blower by KEELAT to be slightly more than I should have spent on a hot air blower.

This is particularly true since a corded blower would have less maintenance, and I would not need to worry about charging the battery that often.

However, if u need to bring the hot air blower to a lot of places away from power, going for a cordless variant would be best.

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