KLIA 2 Design, Our New LCCT + Proposed Designs

Saw the news just now, and was intrigue to know that the design and name of the new Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) has been officially finalized by those whom are concern.  The name of the new LCCT would be KLIA2.  Kind of simple if you ask me, and it would be a little bit confusing for those who are discussing about KLIA.  Imaging your taxi driver overhearing you said ‘KLIA‘ only when you intend to go to KLIA2.  Honestly, I’d prefer if the name LCCT was kept.

Anyway, enough about my rants on the name, here is the design which I believe is the confirmed KLIA2 confirmed design.  It looks really awesome!  Too bad it’s not in Kuching. (You can click every picture to enlarge)

Overview of the possible KLIA2

I think the new design is perfect.  According to reports, KLIA2 will be linked by the ERL (Express Rail Link) which means the possible slow death of AirAsia’s SkyBus services.  Apart from that, there was also an integrated hotel and the usual food and retail outlets made available, which makes me wonder what will happen to the newly opened Tune Hotel KLIA-LCCT. Anyway, I’m anticipating this new airport, but I am sure the opposition party will have a field day saying the design is ridiculous and not necessary.

Well, for what it’s worth, I would go for Design Option #4 as second choice for KLIA2, if the present design wasn’t chosen.  How about you? (Note that all photos are taken from the forum skyscrapercity.com and are credited to their photo owners which I couldn’t identify.)

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