Kuching Acoustic Nyte d’ iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe

Kuching Acoustic Nyte d’ iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe

Acoustic Nyte d’ iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe is in fact a good try to bring live bands or live performers to Kuching. After years being a city, Kuching somehow has lacked live performances, and it is rather sad to know that you can only enjoy live bands in pubs and bars, a place which not everyone frequents.

Rubber Duckies

I was hungry, and so, I arrived (with Amiey) at iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe around 8pm. The event was suppose to start at 9:15pm, and I thought.. “What the hell… an hour with food, and the rest is to enjoy the acoustic performance“, which I thought would be nothing short of stunning because I always loved acoustic versions of songs and my thinking was at 9:15pm, I’d be swayed by lovely tunes.. or latest by 9:25pm or 9:30pm… Or so did I thought so.

Pre-Performance by an unknown girl

Well, I was wrong. The event started like any other Malaysian event as it stood well in line with the ‘Standard’ Malaysian time.  It started half an hour than late! *Bummer!* The MC was kind of goofy, and un-confident with the words he uttered.  I thought he could do more to cheer up the awaiting crowd, and distract us, while the performers were getting ready.

UR's I think...

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the performers were generally okay, and I do think most of them do have huge potential to shine as a recording artist.  Anyway, I felt little effort was done by the organizing party to ensure the event went on smoothly. You get slight hick-ups here and there, and you also get someone saying “Come on, I hope you enjoy your food and drinks, and the performance“, during the intervals of each performers.  The performers also took time to fine tune their equipment, which I thought was something which should be covered when the event started.  The fact that I sat on the floor (which really killed my back), didn’t help at all.


As I said, it is a good effort by the organizing party, but I do suggest they work harder in making it a better event. Some small things I noted were the arrangement of chairs and tables, and the lack of co-ordination. In addition to that, I felt that there was a need to limit the number of performers so that guitar tuning could be minimized.  Space at iLeQ-iLeQ was limited, and I hugely felt that they could do much-much more to make this event something really worth to watch.

Sharon Lugun

And owh… I just got to mention this… one of the performers, Sharon Lugun(above photo) reminds me of Mia (Kate Voegele) in One Tree Hill, which is also a real time recording artist…  Interestingly, they seem to share a lot in common, such as their dressing and the fact they both play the guitar, and sound really well in acoustic.

michael jackson

And the King of Pop died last Friday.  May his soul rest in peace… and if you are wondering why I choose his photo above, well… I always prefered how he looked the original way, but if you know the story behind the decision of his facial change, you’d really pitty him.  Jacko, you are a legend!

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