Kuching Breeze Magazine Launch Party

Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

Out of 20 possible bloggers, 10 was selected, and I was really fortunate that I am one of ’em.  To make it sweeter, I brought back 2 complimentary CD’s from Sony-BMG. I must make it a huge point to thank Mr Fahriee, Mr Ron and Mr Norman.  The party was indeed a blast, and I really wished I could stay longer to enjoy the atmosphere.

Anyway, the Breeze Launch Party went in an informal way, with us bloggers given free passes to Victoria Arms (VA), Merdeka Palace.  I admit, I’ve never been to VA because I seldom go clubbing, but VA was impressive.  The music and sound system was awesome, and the set-up for the party was convincing.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Irene, Robin, Amiey and I came together, and found ourselves seated at a table labeled ‘media’.  Wow!!  Frankly, I never figured I’d be labeled as ‘media’. I was really really flattered.  For a small time blogger like me, his was huge, and so, I put up a pose with the media tag..hehehe.. ‘sakai‘ ba…  And yup, Fahriee, Norman and Edwin was already there.  Breeze magazine official photographer ba… What would you expect?

Performance @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

Edwin did look kind of ‘slimmer’ when I met him, and the last time I saw him, I remembered he was bald… With some hair, he looked different.  Totally different.  Anna and Jimmy joined us later, but I didn’t get a chance to say much as the party was already moving into gear.  Also met Mike and some really familiar faces which I just couldn’t remember.

So, the party went with the waiters and waitresses serving us our dinner. I took the liberty of trying out Glenmorangie, which is a type of Scotch whiskey, while I noticed the others took juice. By 9pm, the Breeze Launch Party kind of started. I’m saying kind of, because I could not differentiate the difference between the dinner, and the party itself. I assumed the part where the emcee came up and said “Hello Kuchiiinnggggggg!!!!!!” as the start of everything… and ‘pop out’ came the 24 guys and the 22 girls which are the finalist of the Breeze Model Search.

Fashion show @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

Fashion show @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

I have to say, the ‘wanna be models’ are no ordinary people.  Some looked like they were just meant to be a model, and with their outfit generously supported by Absolutely, Limited Edition and itFussion (All 3 are located @ The Spring, Kuching), I guess they looked just smashing!!  I thanks God I didn’t pursue with my intend to try my luck in the photoshoot.  I even felt my heart stop at one point (hehehe… sorry Amiey.. hahaha.. just joking about the last part!!).

Fashion show @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

Fashion show @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

Then, there was the dancers, Right Steps.  Right Steps did about 3 dances during this party and all  I remember about them was how sexy they were dressed, and how I almost drooled when they started doing their sexy moves…hahahha…  There was also performance from the band Groove Company which I thought really rocked VA!!

RIght Steps @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

The party went on with some give away prizes from sponsors such as Intimate and Sony-BMG, which saw me surprisingly walk away with two CDs.  This must be a lucky year for me because I do seem to be getting lots of free stuff lately.  Anyway, I flunk terribly at the backwards spelling of Glenmorangie, but Naomi, whom also sits at our table won it hands down.. hehehe.. so, I still got to taste the whiskey after all..hehehe

Date of the free bottle of whiskey @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

With the party gearing into more raving moments after 10pm, and the introduction of DJ Leiley… the guest started to loosen up.  The dance floor was packed, and everybody was dancing their hearts out.  Unfortunately for me, I had to leave about 11pm, but yeah.. this was a great party.

Patyyyyyyyyyy @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

The only recommendations I’d make for the organizers is to give out the programme for the invited guest in future events.  Most us bloggers were wondering of what was gonna happen next, and I personally was expecting some sort of ribbon cutting ceremony to officiate the launch of Breeze Magazine’s arrival in Kuching.  Maybe I’m still ‘old school‘, but I thought that would be proper….

Anyway, the party was a blast, and I did enjoy myself.  My camera even jammed up at some point due to my vigorous photo taking, but yeah.. it was just worth every moment.

Camwhored @ the Kuching Breeze Launch Party at Victoria Arms

To the Breeze Magazine team, and all their sponsors…. Thank You for having me at this launch party.  It was indeed a pleasure covering the event… and yes.. IT WAS FUN!!!

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