Kuching Streets


The Street Photography by Sarawak Bloggers was a week ago, and I am only posting about it now. Been busy with work.  Some how, before a holiday starts, my work tends to pile up.  I also re-designed my blog to feature a new nice, clean template, and I hope it does load fast and nice.

Well, the whole event went well despite the rather ‘moody weather’.  Robin, a good friend working in KL was kind enough to share tips on how to get the best from Street Photography, although I found it very much challenging to follow his brilliant advice due to myself only using a point and shoot digital camera.  I know, I have been saying over and over again that I’d like to get myself a DSLR, but economically, it’s out of my budget at the moment.

Well, less talk, and more photos to show you and so, here you go…. (feel free to click the photos to enlarged them)

As usual, I suck at tempering at the photos and making them strike out beautifully, so what you have seen above is basically what I got out of my Canon IXY 25IS.  Also, most of the shots I did manage to take, turned out blur, hence not worthy of being featured here.

The verdict of the day for me was that a point and shoot camera enables you to take candid shots at very expressive angles, but bad lighting will very much spoil the final outcome 🙁 I really need a DSLR…


  1. Ibrahim:
    Thank bro. Worked hard on the layout and yeah.. the street superstar was actually some random girl which passed us 🙂 And your suggestions, yes, good ones!

    Thank bro… but I always believe I can get better with a DSLR 😛 and thank you for helping out with Sarawak Bloggers bro. Appreciate it.

  2. Cyril, Thanks so much for having me over. It was my pleasure to be able to contribute, in whatever small ways I can to Sarawak Bloggers.
    Nonetheless, I do think your shots are good. Do not feel intimidated, your compact camera is good. It can produce very wonderful images, if you really want to. You just have to unleash its potential.

  3. Hmm…nice new design/layout. Nicer pictures, too. Kuching, definitely a place like no other. Oh, what a strange ‘Street Superstar Girl’… Yup, I love picture-blog…more on “KUCHING STREETS” next time, ok. Maybe you want to try more Kuching Streets on different time of the year and, be reminded that Kuching is really big ok. And, do focus on streets that you’ve never been before. He2

  4. jfook:
    Yeah… well, I don’t know how to adjust the lighting..

    Hehehe.. brings out that ‘pocong’ feeling eyh??

    Seriously considering now..

    Well, maybe.. but thats a few years more 🙁

    Samalah.. I also like that photo… Somehow it looks nice, but to alter it using photshop? emm.. I sik pande la.. I suck at photoshop.

  5. You nasib serupa kedak aku. Still waiting bila lagi nak beli DSLR huhuhu. Anyway, I like the 1st pic. Very nice. Edit sikit using photoshop.. walla! it’ll look like taken with DSLR XD

  6. Digi cams nowadays are just as good as dSLR. But you just need to retouch the a little bit.

    By 2 years or 3, we’ll have a “cheaper” digi cam which captures a quality pictures as our current dSLR. But at that time too the dSLR will be much better.

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