Kuching Xpax Xplay Party 2010

I’d just want to say a huge thank you to Advertlets for inviting me to the Kuching Xpax Xplay Party 2010 at Paragon, Travillion, Kuching.  The party was AWESOME!!!

So, the party was largely raved up by two main DJs. DJ Funkzu was spinning RnB tunes, while DJ Monkey was doing the techno stuff. As the crowd swelled, the party atmosphere gained with peeps responding to every song played. Popular mixes, including those which have been re-mixed by both DJ Funkzu and DJ Monkey proved to be nothing short of awesome.

My feet couldn’t stand still as it shook to the bass sound, while my head was in ‘mini-head banging’ mode. Obviously I was delighted with the sounds I heard. Ahhh.. I can still hear the music even 12 hours after the party. The Xpax Xpay party memories are indeed a keeper.

Soul high also performed fantastic moves when called upon, bringing the crowd into more cheers, but when Shawn Lee took the stage, the crowed was silenced in amazement of his fantastic BeatBoxing talent!

The party grooved on till 2:30am with revelers doing a lot of sing-a-long, and also dancing sexy dancing with some braving the crowd and featuring themselves on stage. Indeed, it was a complete blast for a party!

In the mean time… Got X, Got it ALL!!

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