Kuching Xplay Party


Are you free tomorrow (18 June – Friday)? Perhaps you’d be in Kuching also? How about needing to shed some weight or do something different other than watch football.  Okay, maybe you’d wanna watch football, but how about partying after the first match? Well, here’s your chance since Xpax is organizing the Xplay Party at Paragon tomorrow.

It will be a chance for all of you to see which is better; electro or hip hop.  And to battle if off, we have DJ Monkey and DJ Funkzu from KL. Honestly, I can’t say whose better because I don’t know how these two guys sound. That’s more reason why I am attending this Xplay party tomorrow(18 June 2010 – Friday), at 9:30pm.  I heard they’d be quite a crowd.

If you wanna join in, click on the poster below to know how you can get FREE special invites to come to this party.  First 200 gets a free drink with a free entry 🙂  Also, I forgot to mention that you’d need to be a fan of Xpax Facebook, and obviously have a Facebook account to join in the fun.

Till then… Thung.. thung… thung.. sooot.. sooot.. waka..waka.. thung.. thunggggg… wiki..wiki.. teeetttt.. tettt….



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