La Senza, Not Only For The Girls!

If you think La Senza (a lingerie brand) is only for women, stand to be corrected, because men (like myself) would need to check ’em too!

Okay, this is when you go ‘Why???’.

Simple, nowadays, men like more than those usual granny inner clothing for their other half. They require more. How much ‘more’ you may ask? Well, I guess that depends on the couple. I’m not saying more than above, but yes… regardless of what men say, women in sexy lingerie is a huge turn on, so La Senza isn’t exactly for the ladies only, despite the ladies being the ones wearing them.

And if you spot a man in La Senza, that doesn’t mean he’s a pervert. If you do think in that manner, I’m sorry to say that you are a little ‘old fashion’, or in our Sarawak words ‘Kuno’. I could list a few reasons why these men are there, but let’s not list them today.

Anyway, La Senza is opening their maiden branch in Kuching tomorrow. Inside stories tell me that there would be a lingerie model catwalk, aside from the official opening. The poster distributed to me is as seen below:

If you are a girl, and you are looking for some comfortable, yet stylish inner clothing (was told La Senza is comfortable by a few girl friends), then maybe you’d want to check out their store at The Spring shopping mall tomorrow (today actually-this post came late). For the guys, can you say no to a lingerie fashion show?

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