Lavalier microphone review – Cost RM10, but works well

Lavalier microphone

I recently bought a lavalier microphone.

You see, when the Movement Control Order (MCO) hit Malaysia, I had to do a few videos and classes online.

Prior to that, I’ve already been recording several videos with my Samsung Note9 smartphone and also my DJI Action Camera.

The videos I produced using those two devices were OK, but I have to admit that they could have been better if I added more effort and time to creating better content.  You can see these videos I recorded on those two devices in my YOUTUBE channel.

Regardless, recording my lessons required me to use my laptop audio system and camera and that’s where I realized I required microphone.


When it comes to having my voice on video, I am not exactly that particular.

All I wanted is to have my voice clear enough so that lessons I conduct online would be beneficial and easy to follow.

This meant I needed my voice to be heard when recording.

The problem with using my ASUS Vivobook S audio input was that my voice was hardly heard when recording such videos.  I even tried using a handsfree, and that didn’t help. Maybe it was my computer setting – I don’t know.  I do know I couldn’t figure it out.

The only way to solve the problem was to use an external microphone, which is why I decided to get myself a lavalier microphone.

Since almost all of the videos I do aren’t focus on audio quality, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a high end microphone.  I figured I just needed something to get my voice into the videos I am making.

That said, I opted to find the cheapest lavalier microphone I could find and that’s when I bumped into this particular one which cost below RM10.

To be honest, I was rather …. about the quality of the microphone I bought.  I mean at RM10, I am not expecting much.

I figured if it was bad, or broken, I’d just buy a better one.

However, upon trying the microphone, it proved to be quite awesome.

Not only was my voice clear, the microphone itself seemed to be made in quality.  If you are wondering how I sounded with the microphone, check out the video below.


As I said, I paid less than RM10 for this microphone.

If you are interested to but the microphone, I bought it from Shopee.  Anyway, if you want to get the same microphone as I did, click on the link below.



FYI, when I bought it, delivery was free.  I hope the brief review helps.

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