Learning English, the language

A lot of people tend to think that my command of English is good. Some have called me ‘a walking dictionary’, while others just are amazed on how I can communicate in English, sometimes flawlessly, they say.

My dad, whom is also an English teacher, doesn’t think my English is up to par, since I have refused and showed a lot of disdain in the language when he was trying to teach me how to write in proper English.

Nonetheless, behind all those bored faces I showed during his lessons, one or two did come through, and I used it to improve my writing which he somehow stumbled upon on one fine day, and was pleasantly surprised I could write in such manner.

But this brief blog post is not about how good my English is, because the truth is, my English is far from good, what more to say perfect. (I’m sure you can notice a few grammatical errors in this post)

Often, I find myself wondering of a certain word used by others, with my mind taken to task to guess what a certain word means accurately. When I was in secondary school, such task was even more difficult with the dictionary a constant help when available.

Nowadays, Google helps, so do forgive me if I suddenly scroll down my smartphone while we are having a conversation. That’s just me, checking the meaning of the word you just used. =)

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