Leech Therapy


Leech theraphy

Ash invited a few of us bloggers to come see live leeches in something her friend calls as ‘Leech Therapy’.  The thing is, slimy, hydrostatic beings are really not my thing, and I seriously felt ‘eeky‘ when even picturing organisms of these nature. But like always, curiosity caught the best of me, and I decided to go, and actually try it out if it was interesting.

The whole event was divided into two, the explanation part, and the free try.  We made it for the explanation part, and also the free 1 hour leech therapy try.

Now, I did say I wanted to give the whole therapy a try, but upon seeing the leeches, I hugely chickened out.  Yeah.. I know… it’s just leeches.. but I still felt ‘eeky‘ with the whole idea, and with the leeches looking so damn big, I guess… I lost my interest.  In addition to that, the explanation did say that there is a risk of infection, although it wouldn’t be severe, and rarely does happen.  Ughh.. I didn’t want to risk anything despite the fact that the organizers did claim that it could heal migraines, improve blood circulation and do wonders for a lot of things.

Leech therapy

Anyway, a few guys did try ’em out, while Fahriee, Amiey and I decided to stick to just photo taking.  Ash came after two, and actually gave it a try.  You could read about her experience in her blog.  As a matter of fact, I am also not a huge fan of blood sucking Edward Cullen, so I think that justifies why leeches aren’t actually in my books =P

Leech theraphy

According to the organizers, this leech therapy is popular in West Malaysia, and is hugely new in Sarawak.  They also claim that their leeches are certified and properly processed before actually selected to be part of the therapy.  I’m not sure about the effectiveness of this therapy, but if you are into this sort of thing, then give it a try.  They are located above Samasa Travel Agency which is at Rubber Road in Satok (same Building as SCR Xpress Chicken Rice). They call themselves Biopharmatech Company, and the therapy is only open after 1300 to 17oo because that is leech feeding time.  The cost would be RM60 per hour, and I hugely suggest you try it for yourself before putting up a judgment on the whole therapy.  As for me, I think I’ll stick to blind massage messieurs, and hitting shuttlecocks as the ultimate way to improve my blood circulation =)


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