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When it comes to going to the gym, I’d be the last to sign in. Yes, I would because I find gyms to be soooOOo not worth it, and boring. But that was until I actually came to Level-Up Fitness.

To be honest, I’m not trying to be all flattery here by saying nice things about South East Asia’s Asia Pacific’s Best Entertaining Blogger, Mr. Kenny Sia, but rather his ‘not so secret anymore’ project called Level-Up Fitness is worth a visit and a try-out.

I guess, when it comes to business, one must understand the need to adhere to ‘Malaysian prices’. Yes, Proton did that by introducing the Proton Exora at RM70k which is very low for an all rounder MPV, and if you want to do business in Kuching, you must first be aware of the ‘Kuching price‘ which is a whole lot lower than the Malaysian price.

So, that’s where Kenny’s Level-Up Fitness comes in. At RM99/- per month, I can say it is the cheapest fitness center in Kuching! Okay, maybe I didn’t do my research. Maybe there are some whom charge a mere RM5/- per month, but I bet they don’t have spanking new equipment from the States and free Body Combat classes. Plus, they also have this class called Body Pump (also free) which is a class where you carry weights and groove to the music!

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Not convinced? Well, don’t take my word then… take Mike‘s because he frequents the gym and I don’t. Mike says: “Level-Up Fitness is KL standard, but comes pretty damn cheap”. Apart from that, Kenny did mention that although Level-Up Fitness does come with a contract of 12 months, but they are pretty flexible on it. If I got it correctly, Kenny said that they could give a cool allowance of up to two months on your membership if you do not turn up to the gym for any reason such as you’re on an eating spree during Chinese New Year, or just having those ‘lazy’ moments. The allowance becomes even are more flexible when it comes to the ladies which can get up to a 9-month no-show waive due pregnancy. So no worries about the need of preparing a ‘show-cause letter’ for being absent at the gym =P

So, the preview today actually involved 3 models or less. I’m not sure about the number of models, but Kenny called them ‘late models’.. Well, late or not late, the girls looked super hot, and I bet if the trainers of Level-Up Fitness were this gorgeous, the gym would be filled up in no time. As usual, there was tonnes of photo shoots going on throughout the whole session, but the longest must be the session inside the girls dressing room. I wonder why ?

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Anyway, the whole event ended with a pilates session (which I skipped because I had something to do), and a huge surprise from the managing director himself as he declared a FREE one month membership for attending bloggers and a goody bag from his gym. Who says being a blogger has no benefits?

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I have a good feeling I will make full use of Level-Up Fitness’s one month free membership as I have a very good first impressions on this gym itself. The way I see it, the gym is not only a place for you to re-shape your body, but also a place to see body shapes, chill out, and hang out with friends.

Now, here’s a thing I’d like to note… the bloggers and I got to test all the equipment in the gym today, before the grand opening, so I guess we bloggers got to test it first hand, while the others will get to use it ‘second hand’. =P

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Anyway, to Kenny… thanks for having me at your gym and thanks for the free 1 month pass to use it. And yes.. the bag was a bribe.. But guess what? “Saya anti-rasuah“, so your bribe didn’t work, and the post above is as honest as it gets. =PĀ  You have every reason to be upset with me. LOL!!

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  1. A good news for those who wants to work out in Kuching. Hahahh…Kenny is doing well. Not only his father owns Everisse, now he owns his own gym. Like what he said in Project Alpha, we cannot be forever famous and can’t depend on blog for a living. Kenny is getting his real job. Good work bro…

    Yes, he is doing very well. Kudos to him!

  2. some friends persuaded me to join in last week, problem is, im not too good with gym membership with my flexible traveling period. Last time i signed up with one, i wasted a good RM400 for nothing because I was away half the time. furthermore… no matter how attractive the package sounds, im a very insecure person (as of now) and thus preferred a ladies only gym. like the one in 3rd mile, which im no longer a member of, due to the reason i mentioned above. Hehe

    Yeah. I know what you mean. Sometimes, work take up too much time, and like it or not, we just can’t afford loosing money simply like that.. and on the ‘girls’ thing =P I know what you mean.

  3. i’d think guys need to work out sometimes …mun sik ” perut buncit”..i can see yours is still o.k ..

    What you see ain’t the whole pic. If you look beneath the shirt, you’ll see the ‘lump’. ehhee..

  4. KennySia just won the Best Entertainment Blog in Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award in Singapore Last Friday (23-Oct-09).

    Yes he did.. I got the photo of his award, but decided to not include it in this post.

  5. Good to know you’re going to the gym, cikgu, haha! Classes in gym should always be free, it’s included in the membership fee. At least that’s the style here so all my Les Mills classes (BodyCombat, Pump, Step, etc) are in one monthly gym fees. BTW, Combat is the best!

    Yeah? Body combat? Wahh…. Didn’t know you go to the gym as well! NOw, I hope in the future, I can go to the gym often.

  6. Wootz.. Loving the way you write this post šŸ˜‰

    Aiyohh.. should’ve joined us for the pilates class. It was great.. am going back for his class šŸ™‚

    Thanks ahlost. Yalah.. I should have joined, but got something to do.. so left early =(


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