Live Scores, Stream & Commentary For The World Cup 2010

The first round of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa is almost over, and I know most of you are dying to know the latest results of the matches played.  If you find it difficult to catch the early morning matches, most probably you’d be very interested to know where you can get the results, fast and accurate.  Well, here is a simple review of the top 5 sites you might want to visit to obtain live streams, live reports and live results:

Livescore or better known as is the ultimate site for football fans to get their latest match results. They update the results quickly, and have set up a special dedicated page for those wanting to know chronological events in a particular match. What makes this site a preferred choice is their ability to create a site which loads fast regardless of internet connection you have. Livescore has also defaulted the World Cup main page so that you do not need to click on any other tabs to get the latest info on the world cup.

2 – Skysports
Skysports is popular among punters and also gambling site to be the best reference for statistics in a match. They provide in-depth analysis over a match, including the number of corners, fouls and many more. They also provide minute by minute live match commentary, but due to slow loading time, Skysports isn’t popular among internet users with slow connection. To view live scores and commentaries, you need to click on the ‘Score Center’ tabs.

3 –
Impressive is the best word to describe as they are among the first to release match reports which I can conclude. Barely minutes after the Algeria-Serbia match ended, has already released them. Also, does provide a very good review of each game, with live running commentary for every world cup game. To access the live news on the World Cup, simply choose the tabs ‘World Cup Live’.

Well known around he globe, ESPN promises up to date coverage on the World Cup. They also have live coverage in the offerings with up to date team news. ESPN is a reliable source for World Cup 2010 news, but navigation around the site does seem complicated since it is a US based news portal. Nonetheless, ESPN STAR is one of the best place to get previews on a match, with unbiased and also elaborate comments from both sides. Live scores are accessible via the Football>Live Scores tabs.

5- Maxis & Astro Beyond
If you are a Maxis customer, well.. this World Cup 2010 is your lucky year because Maxis is the only Malaysian company offering live streaming for their users via Astro Beyond. If you are on the go and want to watch a certain match, just turn on your mobile internet, and start streaming from Maxis. You will need to log in to the website to enjoy such privilege.

I’m not sure if the five listed above are the best options to get your World Cup news, or scores, but I use them to get my football news daily…

Em, so who am I gunning for this World Cup? Well, I’m going orange.. 🙂

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