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How of often can you relate your life with a TV series?  I’m not sure bout you guys, but its hard for me.  TV series are full of made up scenes, and happy endings.  It’s rigged, phony, and full of crap we humans wish to have in reality.  But there I was watching one scene in the One Tree Hill (yeah, again… It’s One Tree Hill), and I realize… I miss her, and I saw the similarities.

Life is indeed a roller coaster.  You go up, and you go down.  You see rain, and you also get shine.  You work for money, and become rich a while, but then become poor when you spend it all.  You fight, and you make peace.  You run and you walk and you crawl.  Yup, everything has its balance, and it’s not always exciting.

If you have been following the series as religiously as I have, you’d notice plenty of characters.  The egoistic basketball player.  The cute nephew.  The bitchy mother.  The troubled girl. The insane fan.   The nice guy.  The sweet guy.  The lost clothing designer. The best friend.  The pushy dad.  The crazy ex.  The rock star. And well.. so many others.

Anyway, I can’t say I can relate to all of the characters… but for the past few days, I can see myself sort of ‘in the shoes’ of some of the characters.  I’ll say this much though… the crazy ex is playing such a huge role, that it brings so much pain to even endure.  I guess, with so much going on, what happened fits the theme “Emotional January“.  Nonetheless, as I said above… when I see a scene like this:

It reminds me so much of her, Amiey, in my arms… cuddling close… and how she makes me melt when she looks up and smile, and says “I don’t want to loose you“.

It’s nice living your life, and knowing you can make someone happy.


  1. “It’s nice living your life, and knowing you can make someone happy.” I gotta agree on this! Sometimes i do feel great just to know that she do smiles for even once. Now i understand, not only me who is having so much up and down in life…everyone does. It’s just the matter of how we guys handle it… Hmmm cheers bro!

    Yeah.. I just sometimes wished that some people will know when they are no longer wanted…

  2. Letting go maybe hard, but for as long as we know we love someone despite not “possessing” him or her around us, we should move on and be happy.

    All things happen with a cause. So your Emotional January may turned out to be a Loving February. Just be optimistic and keep on moving.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a loving February. People should learn to let go of the past.

  3. Wah… towards the last sentence… getting more emotional are we… on a more positive scale. 🙂

    To lose someone, that is something really hard. To get over it, is even harder.

    Wuahaha.. wat to do.. watch One Tree Hill, then kebetulan pla.. so.. its such a coincidence.>

  4. Ehem ehem… emotional erk? It happens… and TV drama series show us lots of the other side of life that we might not experience now. That’s why it is hard to relate them with our life sometimes. Hehe

    Yeah.. sometimes.. but I guess this is not one of those sometimes 😀


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