MaggaAd – Online Advertising Done Different?


I actually stumbled upon this new advertising service called MangaAd. Don’t ask me which blog it was, but the pinkish advert somehow caught my eyes. Not that I am into pink at all.

I went by the site, checked out the FAQ as usual, and tried figuring out what the whole idea of ManggaAd was about.  As you may have noticed, my blog is featuring a new look, a new lay out and I have tried my best to monetize it.  I believed I have done a great job 😛 Okay, that was just presumptuous of me… but I’m very happy with this theme.

Anyway, the good thing about ManggaAd which I could gather is that they offer better pay out if compared to other advertising services.  I have joined a few other online advertising companies, and honestly, I simply do not favour those which have ‘exclusivity’ written all over their terms and conditions, which makes MaggaAd good. They do not have such a system, and therefore you can possibly earn regardless of how many advertising companies you have joined.  To top that up, their adverts are actually very fun to watch. Check it out below:

And the positive notes on this new advert company doesn’t stop there.  I have noticed that they are backed by a huge media company, and that does spell ‘stability’.  This is unlike previous online advert companies which started from scratch, and finally folded before they managed to make any payout (I can name 2 companies, and one still alive but doesn’t pay up), which brings me to yet another positive point on this ‘new kid’ which is payment.  As advert publishers, I want my income from my advert to come by as fast as possible.  If it could be done, I would like it to be paid when I click that ‘CASH OUT’ button.  Well, MangaAd offers 3 methods of payment, namely online banking transfer, cheque and paypal. Yes brothers and sisters… Paypal.  How cool is that?

But, regardless of all those I mentioned above….  believe that MangaAd is here to stay. They seem to have the substance to succeed such as the backing of a huge media company, eye catching yet quick loading adverts, an attractive and very innovative  business model, and last but not least higher pay out rates for publishers.  It’s worth to try.


  1. Willie:
    Will do, but if you see no more ads from Mangaads, that means they are not profitable 😛

    Well, different people have different ideas 🙂

    I think they do have it in English.. but at the moment, they do not seem that promising.

  2. Ooops, and there’s me saying on your Facebook page not to bother so much about trying to monetize a blog in this sort of manner 😉

    Well worth a go with MangaAds, Cyril. Keep us posted please as to your progress with them, thanks!

    Do they do an English language format too, I wonder?

    Your blog layout is neat and tidy and easy to navigate, so big thumbs up from me regards to that!

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