Malaysia Tidak Boleh


Sadly… Malaysia tidak boleh… so, if you were watching the Badminton Olympics finals last night, you’d know how outplayed Lee Chong Wei was.

From the start, he was just clueless over what Lin Dan had done to him, being caught in Lin Dan’s fast and smart game plan.  I admit, Chong Wei did try to keep his cool, playing his game… but Lin Dan was flawless.  His smashes were fantastic, and his mind control was awesome.  Pardon me if I have to admit that Chong Wei was not up to Lin Dan last night, but I am sensing that most of us Malaysian watching the match would conceed that our sole gold medealist hope was no match for China’s best bet in badminton.

It maybe unrelated, but when I attended a funeral today, the general consensus was that Lin Dan was just too good for Chong Wei.

I guess, with Chong Wei’s defeat, we as Malaysians are again made to wait for another 4 years for our very first gold medal… and I think I speak for all Malaysians last night to say that Lin Dan, broke our hearts… but as for Chong Wei.. you tried, but he has the better one…

Maybe next time Malaysia.. maybe next time….


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