Mat Salleh Singing Kelantanese Song?


I’m not a Kelantanese, and I have no idea if this group is actually from Kelantan. The sources I get on the internet however suggest that this “Dikir Serabut Wehh” is from Kelantan.

I won’t speculate on their ethnic or religion, as that isn’t exactly the point of this post. The reason of this post is to show that an Mat Salleh actually taking interest over this song and making his very own cover version.

Interesting… LOL.. and the comments below the video are even more interesting. Check out the ‘Mat Salleh’ video….. no dislikes (as of this post). Even Rebecca Black can’t beat this guy.


  1. I trying to crack my brain whether these girls were really Kalantanese until I read KeeMan’s comment. Hahaha. Gosh!

    Two thumbs up for this white dude for singing the song without the enlish-malayish sound. (You know what I mean).

  2. OMG! Cyril!

    This is seriously darn funny! I thought the group was Indonesians but then the language is definitely Kelantan. The outfit? Fulamak! Sexy, can see the boobs shake too.

    The org putih? Two thumbs up! Terrer la lu cakap kelate! Muahahaha!

  3. Saw this video before, and he’s not the first mat salleh to sing Dikir barat anyway…
    The girls are mainly from southern Thailand but the song is indeed a Kelantanese song.

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