Today, I lost my temper with my students in what I can say is one of the top classes which I teach. Before I go on, let me state that I am the type of person who prefers to give people around me freedom and choices, and I do expect them to make the right ones.

So the same actually goes to my students in class. I’d explain a concept, and request that they do their own notes in their books for their own sake. I also give them ample time to complete their own notes so that they can use the time at home for revision. Sometimes, I use sarcasm when it’s due, and I expect these 17 year old teens to understand it.

Problem is, the freedom given is abused. It started with a few bad heads… but it came to the extend that everyone started keeping their books the minute I said “Okay, please do your notes”.

So, today…. my ‘fuse’ broke.  It started from a sarcastic remark about them being excellent in making ‘mind maps’… and it boiled over to how I would love a second chance in my school life so that I can pursue my dream job or interest.

I also ticked them off about how they would benefit more if they quit schooling now, and started working as they would probably end up in a managerial position by the time they are suppose to complete their degrees. However, I warned them about how graduates do tend to earn more regardless of how inexperience they are. Sessions like these, I call MATIvasi because I’m unsure if I’ve just motivated them, or just made them quiet for like an hour.

Yes, I admit, I may not be the best teacher around, and I sure not an expert in life, but it saddens me that the younger generation seems to be very complacent in life nowadays, especially when their every needs are easily fulfilled by their parents. It’s indeed a worrying trend.

Let’s just hope along the way of life, the younger generation would wake up before the sun sets on their age.

And if you are wondering how I addressed the problem for this ‘abuse’, I gave a stern warning that I will ‘menyusahkan’ their lives in school if they continue to be complacent in their studies. I’m very good at that because I’ll be giving them everything I hate doing as a student =P


  1. This post made me recall a time back in my SPM days (boy was THAT ages ago!)…our class Form 5F was doing very poorly in our Moral Studies (of ALL subjects! LOL!) as ALL of us failed 1st term, so our Morals teacher was really3 pissed with us and she called us Form 5-FOOLS…but for SPM itself, ALL of us passed and quite a number getting A1-A2. Mativasi? 😉

  2. this not quite related, but the gist is there:

    when I was teaching this class of Diploma students, they were a bunch of noisy, take things for granted types. all it took to straighten them out was simply for me to walk out of the class… angry. yup, the last straw just hit me that moment and I left.

    in the next class, a breath of fresh air came in and the class went from a sour experience to a good one. and guess what! +90% graduated!

    mativasi… a new form of reverse psychology.


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