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I received my media pass for the Malaysian Global Business Forum – Bosnia today from Anne at the Executive Lounge at Four Points Sheraton tonight. She was there with Liyana, a brand ambassador from KL. I was actually surprised to know of Anne’s age as she doesn’t look anything for her age. I thought she looked younger, and it was a very pleasant surprise to know that she is Nordin’s mother. I am looking forward to meet Jeffrey =)

It’s really too bad that some bloggers couldn’t get their passes because they are working during the day, but those whom are still interested, do let me know so that I can try to ask for last minute passes (no guarantee).

Also looking forward to the whole forum, and meeting Tun Mahathir personally. Also taking out my tuxedo from my dressing room. I will make it a point to look ‘business-like’ during the whole event. Too bad, I wouldn’t be able to attend the morning sessions as I have to work, and my boss has made it a point to freeze all CUTI REHAT KHAS (CRK). I’ve never taken my CRK, and when I wanted to use it up for this important event, this happens… *sigh*

A huge thanks goes to Anne, Rita and Diong for making this possible. Just so you guys know, Anne and Rita and probably Liyana as well, have been working non-stop for the past 3 days, and they have had little sleep to make this forum a huge success. Even Anne was a little ‘ga ga’ when we met her, and she said it was all because of the coffee she drank =)

Well, with that… I hope you guys will enjoy what I have to say about the whole forum in these coming days as I bring you more info on Bosnia. Got to sleep before I become ‘ga ga’ myself.

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