MetroCity Kuching In Matang, Sarawak

One thing excited me last week, and it’s related to the title above.  You see, Kuching has in previous years seen many new projects announced and completed.  We had the CityOne Mall, Plaza Merdeka, The Spring, Boulevard, The Summer, E-Mart Lee Ling and many more.  All the projects are shopping malls, with hotels or apartments located nearby.  There are only two however (as I know) which are building a new township, complete with a mall, hotels, schools and houses for sale.  One would be the Kuching Isthmus (where BCCK is located), and the other, yes you got it right… The MetroCity Kuching (or should it be called MetroCity Matang?).

Either way, both projects are massive with over 180 acres of land each to be developed over a long span of years.  While I am excited about Kuching Ithmus, the construction of buildings on the project has been slow.  It’s such a pity as the masterplan does include tonnes of exciting stuff.

With that said, the recent weeks saw the announcement of another massive city project, known as MetroCity.  I’ve heard about the project prior to the launch, but I never knew it would be so close, as in Matang!

The project will see many new additions for Matang area including the first fast food drive thru, a massive 2-storey shopping mall, a new school, a 4-storey 140 room hotel, a private medical center, a church, a mosque, a community hall, a bus terminal, a college, 314 shops, and over 500 residential units!  I’m excited about 3 things, the mall, the drive-thru and the church.  And get this, the developer Chong Kia Hoi Realty Sdn Bhd has informed me that they will start shopping mall and F&B Drive-Thru first. Wooohoooo!!

The fact that the project itself is like less than 5 minutes by foot towards my up-coming house makes me more excited because I have always figured that the Matang are will remain as it is, only boasting more houses than commercial centers.  MetroCity would definitely shift the excitement from the Kuching South side, to this area, and indirectly boost the price of my property.  I’m pleased that I made a very wise investment by getting a house in this area.

The possibilities are many.  I foresee that I could eventually sell my house at a much higher price when I decide to move outside the city, or I could just rent it out and reap the benefits.  Either way, MetroCity is a welcomed addition to Matang and I do hope that the construction of MetroCity will be smooth.

MetroCity Kuching… WoooohooOOOOoooooo!!! And jus in case you are looking to buy the property at MetroCity, do email me and we can nego-nego. I think i can give u something back. Hey, better some than none. Yep?

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