Ministry Of Beats Vol. 1


Another event I was invited to cover during the hectic Saturday.  Since it’s the last event that day, it’s the last post to be released.  FYI, I make it a point to spread out my post, so that the blog remains active, and not too deserted when I am busy, or too full when I have so many things to blog about. Call it what you like, but I call it ‘organized blogging‘ =P

Well, Ministry of Beats Vol.1 or better known as MOB is dubbed as the mini Rainforest.  It’s sort of like the little brother to the well known RWMF which I went to last year.  Only difference is that MOB is done on hard cement, with less performers than the actual RWMF, and takes the best part of the RWMF, which is the drums.

I can’t say it is exactly like the drums you find in the RWMF, because MOB is all about fusion of drum beats and a DJ.  Weird mix you think?

Nahhh…I beg to differ because I found out that it was AWESOME to fuse these two together!

I only managed to catch the earlier part of MOB, but I was very pleased with what I experienced and saw.  Music is the core to my interest, and MOB provides me with just that!

During my ‘rare’ visits to pubs and bars which have some sort of special performance, I normally or always see the DJ’s and the performers taking center stage, while the audience look and enjoy… but the MOB is different, in a very good way because the organizers allowed us, or rather me, and ordinary guy to play and beat to the music.

Yes ladies and gentleman.. I played the drums to the music.  It was hands on, and only my second experience playing a drum!  The feeling was FANTASTIC!  I was not alone, members of the public got their chance too.  Now, tell me where you can do that for a party?? In fact, it wasn’t only drums that made the beat, pails, empty paint buckets and some sort of traditional drums were also beaten in rhythm hence making a unique sound which proved to be really awesome.

As a matter of fact, I saw the crowd swell when I was playing (masuk bakul angkat sendiri.. LOL!).

But wait, there’s more… MOB also brought together many bloggers, and it was a good collection of friends especially those whom are always looking for a difference.  I personally mae a lot of new friends, and it was fun to get them all together to beat to the music the DJ was playing.

I left with a heavy heart at 7:10pm due to some obligations, but I think MOB must have got better after I left because the crowd was starting to come into The Oak Tree, where the event was held.

To SHiOK! Kudos on your very first event, and thank you for inviting me to cover it.  I HAD A BLAST, and I enjoyed myself to the max..and it wasn’t because of the two beers I had.  I am so looking forward to more future events by you guys.  M.O.B ROCKS!


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