Money and Happiness


I was blog hopping and I found this blog post from JJME caught my attention.  In fact, I’d like to quote her words below:

Perhaps, I have never found the true meaning of happiness. I was brought up to study hard and get a good job. What is a good job. Something that can earn you millions? Something that can survive on? Where do you draw the line? Isn’t happiness part of life too?

I think all of us are the same.  Most of us, I think.  We are are all brought up to study hard and get a good job… and a ‘good job’ is already pre-defined by our parents.  May it be with the government, for the government, some professional job, or some respected job… It’s  all part of what our parents want for us.

Yet, happiness is left sidelined.  8 years ago, I agreed with my parents, and I studied hard, went to university, and now have a good job with the government, and yet… now I feel somewhat miserable.  I could say I am happy, but I could also claim that I’m not satisfied.

I am not putting the blame on my parents as this is the choice I made.  Moving through the safe lane, putting aside what I want for something sure.  I admit, the pay is good, the people around me are fantastic, and the environment couldn’t be better.  Yet, double standards, the early working hours, the ‘ethics’ I need to endure leave me without any life, and if there was, it would be sucked out of me slowly.

I don’t smoke, I hardly drink… and I don’t frequent pubs.  But that doesn’t mean I do not want to have a life.  When ever I want to do something, I’d think of its consequence over my profession, and I really hate doing so.

I hate the answering the question about my job.  I hate questions which sound similar to “What is your job?”.  I’d feel very reluctant to answer it.  It’s not that I am not proud to be an educator, but people tend to look at you at a ‘certain’ way when they know you teach teenagers which are under 18.  Sometimes, they’d claim that it’s okay for me to behave un-orthodox-ly if compared to those conventional teachers.  But the problem would come out when I screw up.  These same people would point out “Why did he do that?? Teacher again!!  So shameful!!”  I guess you get my drift.

No.  I’m not disciplined inclined.  At least I do not think so.  I hold up to moral values, but I do feel that there is a need to be liberal in some areas these days.  I feel that when dealing with situations, you must look at the big picture.  You must see all angles.  For instance, is it wrong for educators to gamble?  How about hugging your spouse/couple in public?  Going clubbing?  Well… for those whom know teachers are humans, it’s okay, but the conventional mind will be straight to say that educators need to adhere to a certain level of moral.

So do I do my job for the money?? I could claim so… but I admit I love educating sharing experiences with my students.  Do I do it for the passion of teaching?? Errr, I can’t agree to that because sometimes I don’t like to teach. Even my classes are kind of casual with jokes here and there…. while I continue to stress the need to learn something while playing around…  No, its not a passion, but I try to enjoy what I do.. So, do I love my job?  The answer is simple, I’d keep it, but I’d like something less ethicaly bonded, like engineering, business or sorts.  Ughh.. No.. Not until they shorten the working hours, and keep paper work minimal, and do away with double standards a.k.a office politics.

So, which is more important? money or happiness? I’d like to say happiness, but without money, it’s hard to be happy with so many problems cropping up, esspecially in this materialistic world.  Argghh.. I guess it’s a dilemma everyone has to endure.


  1. Hi Cyril, I don’t think we can run away from politics or unethical situations in life, no matter what kind of work you do. Engineering world is no better, and I can tell you first hand as a process engineer for 5 years, office politics were such a nuisance! If you own your business, I’m sure it is no better too. Plenty of unethical folks out there to turn your world upside down. Cheer up, Even though the teaching profession has evolved in culture over the years, it is still a noble job. The youth needs educators other than their parents to provide them with the knowledge and experience outside of their home. You’re doing great! Believe it! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s quite impossible to run away from office politics but well, I’ve been doing this job for eight years to learn to like it and just do as I want without being bothered about how people will perceive it.

      At the end of the day, i believe as adults we advice and show guidance, but it is the younger generation’s choice to decide.

  2. I got the same problem with Willie. I’ve changed the url to a new one, but it kept pointing to the old url.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Try it again. I have done some tweaks. Hope it works.

  3. Thats why I just work for experience. Money comes with it. But if im endlessly depressed there, I find a way to move on. Who cares about money if ur soul is dying? whatever it is, choose wisely Cyril.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Choosing.. huhuhuhuhu.. still.. I don’t want to quit my job 😛

  4. hi cyril, no need to be stress over what other ppl might think of u. or u’ll be forever miserable, coz no matter how good u potray urself they will still have something to say. what matters izzat u yourself know ur principle and limit.

    i’ve got doctor friends who goes to work with hangovers + when they’re super stoned. and ended up giving wrong medication to their patients. now that is unethical.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Yeah.. what your Dr friend does in unethical.. but people don’t talk about him/her. It hurts most when people talk bad about you, and then all of a sudden.. the whole world thinks you are the ‘dark side’. *SIGH*

  5. Cyril, I put up this address in my link but my blog seem to be unable to update yours. That’s why sometimes, i thought u didn’t update your blog. I do not know why. However my instinct says you will write your blog daily right?

    Anyway, about the teaching profession…well… In my opinion, it is better to be educated than nothing. At least, with the education that we worked so hard for help us to earn some money to survive in this world.

    I agree with you. Teachers are not angels. The public should not see teachers as “serious, clean, conventional etc ” and for me, I hate it when people complain about teachers’ behaviours publicly such as writing it up in our local newspapers. They have been interrupting with what teachers do in school. I guess teachers know best what to do with problematic students and the public should not interfere with how teachers do their work.

    That’s why teachers have problems in doing their jobs nowdays when they can’t even touch the students. The effect to teachers would be “just leave the students to do whatever they want” asalkan gaji masuk. I pity teachers nowdays.

    So be strong bro. Happiness will not be found in having lots of money only. But having a lot of money, is part of happiness. Cheers!

    KEkeke…what am i saying here dude.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Dunno about why you can’t update it… But, you could try using the google reader which for me so far prooves to be very beneficial when updating me on those whom updates their blogs. Anyway, i update my blog 2 times weekly.. but not daily 😀

    Regarding teaching.. ahh.. I’m glad you feel that way. Some people just don’t get it. Seriously, and honestly.. Parents whom always support their children will see their children get spoil.

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