My Borneo Highlands Resort Padawan Nature Challenge 2011 Media Experience


My Sunday was spent going up Kuching’s highest peak, Borneo Highlands. It’s my second time at the amazing highlands, but this time it was to cover an event which Sarawak Bloggers supports. Since Willie said he’d also be coming, I suggested to him that we carpooled, and he agreed.


The BHR mark...

The journey lasted for about an hour to the main entrance at the foothill, and another 40 minutes up to the highlands itself. While we were moving up, the change of altitude caused my hearing to be ‘blocked’. It’s like feeling you get when you go on an accending plane.


Some of the participants

Anyway, upon arrival, we were greeted by Michelle, the Borneo Highlands Resort representative whom I’ve been in contact with. She told us that the closing ceremony was expected to start at 1-2pm and that we had some time to move around, which Willie and I both did.


A small waterfall at Borneo Highlands

We explored a few parts of the tranquil Highlands before realizing that we can’t cover much space by just walking. This hence resulted in us doing a long ‘test drive’ of the Mutshibishi Triton which was on display. Being on a 4WD made the trip up to interesting spots at the highlands very fast and smooth, and the Triton we were using added a feel of ‘power’ to that.


Kalimantan View Point. Breath taking!

Within an hour, we covered almost every spot (excluding the resort houses), including the captivating Kalimantan View Point which would make you above the clouds (yes, literally!).


THe Bidayuh traditional dancers

After tired turning around, we arrived back at the Borneo Highlands Resort Plateau for the closing ceremony. Before the champs were crowned, a few traditional Bidayuh dances were performed.

Sherrie & Chai Fung


I managed to have a quick chat with Sherrie and Chai Fung while the performance too! They didn’t finish the race, but its very courages of them to try it out.


One of the winners

The champs were crowned, and then the press conference proceeded. I have to say, the quote of the day must be James Dawos’s “Those doing street demonstartions do not know the relationship between economy and security“.


Some of the BHR staff which did excellent

To the Borneo Highlands Resort team, esspecially Michelle, Thank you!


  1. Never been there before and now I think that I really missed the chance to explore and enjoy the scenery there. So to say that I’m finishing my studies end of this year and most probably will be going back to my little hometown.

  2. Hi Cyril,

    It was a great day. My first time to BHR. If it wasn’t for this invitation, I don’t think I will ever go there, not even in a lifetime.

    But I was a bit dizzy though. Because the road to the top was steep and narrow. Huhuhu…!

    • Oh yeah bro.. One thing is cost, but others like distance and purpose plays a role in going up there. ANyway, BHR was awesome, and enjoyed your company =)

      The road is steep, but the view *ummpphh!!*

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