My Free HP Mini 110-3100

The HP Mini 110-3100 free from TM & Malaysian Government

Recently, I signed up for the TM Broadband With Netbook Package offered by the Malaysian Government and TM Berhad.  To know more about this amazing package, go here, but heads up… it’s very cheap! If the 4Mbps speed was available at my area, I’d grab such speed, but unfortunately, my area only offers a maximum of 1Mbps 🙁 However, I used to pay RM95 for 1Mbps, but now I’m paying only RM86 per month, and I get a free netbook (HP Mini 110-3100).  Like I said, you should really check out this site and see how awesome the package is.

The two button mousepad which I like

I’ve been using the HP Mini for almost two weeks now, and here’s my take on the netbook which I checked cost about RM999 in PC Image, Kuching.

For starter, here’s the plus points of the netbook, in my ‘History inspired notes way’:

  • It’s light – I can’t compare it with other netbooks, but I’m pretty satisfied.
  • Typing is easy – The keyboards were easy to reach, and big enough.
  • Superb connectivity – If compared to my NEC S3200 laptop, the HP Mini was able to detect wireless connections at further distances.
  • Nice glossy finish – The external look of the HP Mini is simple and sleek making it look expensive.
  • Long lasting – On average, the battery could last at least 3 hours with frequent use.
  • Preferred mouse pad – Unlike some netbooks which offer the ‘new’ multi-touch mouse pads, this came with the conventional two button mouse pads which  for me are way better.
  • Easy access – buttons to activate numerous functions are easy to spot on the keyboard.
  • Loud – Despite it’s size, the HP Mini is loud. You can hear songs playing clearly just on their basic speakers.

The power button I didn't like because I had to pull

On the negative side, the HP Mini netbook could improve itself on these specifications:

  • No Football Manager 2010 – I tried twice to install and play my FM2010, an it failed. Who ever built this netbook wasn’t a fan of FM10. 🙁 I’m not sure if it could play other games.
  • Nonadjustable display – The display seems to be fixed at a good 1024, but this is a problem when viewing larger displays.
  • Slow at times – At some point, there is a lag when using the but I attribute this to the fact that the HP Mini isn’t actually built for multitasking, but rather to do work.
  • Gloss comes with marks – One thing I dislike about glossy surfaces is that it leaves finger smudges 🙁
  • Not so tight fitting – Some points of the HP Mini seems not fitted properly, feeling a little loose. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but I dislike ‘loose’ fittings.
  • A little too basic – The layout is okay, but it does feel like a cheap Netbook.
  • Pull to switch on – One thing I also didn’t like was the fact you needed to pull a button to switch the power on.  On a plus side, this will minimize the power button from being spoil.

Easy access. Activating the wireless and mute is a simple tap.

Since I got the HP Mini for free, I won’t be complaining much, but I do wish that it did much more than it could.  Running at RM999, I bet I could actually get a proper laptop with an additional of RM500.  And one last thing, the photos above are taken with my new Sony DSC-H55 camera (which I won from Intel).  Not bad eyh.. 😛 Decided to keep this camera after all.


  1. I have always wanted a netbook. I even saved up enough to buy one. I postponed my plans due to some unexpected incidences that sucked all my funds away. Arrghhhhhh…
    You know you are lucky I am not in Kuching. Every single new toy you have I would molest them.

  2. I got mine for free too; not from TM Broadband, but from a developer which I have bought a property earlier in the year here in KK. I like it, does the job, though it does lag now and then. The only thing that I would have to complain about it is the switch on pull-button!

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