My Galvanized Kuching

I have really been tempted to say something about this for weeks. Ever since the structures were up, my fingers have been itching to type up a post about the galvanized iron fencing in Kuching. Don’t know what I mean? Please check the photo below.

Now, I’m not sure how many of you are against it, or how many of you are for it.

I am however sure of these 6 ‘side effects’:

  1. You’d be burning more fat now because illegal road side parking still requires you to walk quite a distance.  Kuching people will be a slimmer lot soon. Bad news for those slimming services though.
  2. Less places in Kuching to ‘test’ your SUVs capabilities in rough terrain particularly when parking.  So SUV drivers, it’s time to get a nice Sedan.
  3. We’d have less creative drivers when it comes to parking. No more side park, cross park, one tyre-up park etc.
  4. Business operators will be happy because they will be more opportunities to place their lovely promotional poster.  Name your size, we have the space.
  5. Snatch thieves and their associates will be glad because now they have a free high jump training ground.  Soon, they can go international with the skills they posses.
  6. Insurance companies (particularly car insurance) will be worried because car damage will be extensive, contractors will also be happy when there’s an accident. More ‘kantao’ ma.

As for the million dollar question of whether the fencing would make Kuching look less beautiful, well… kanBeauty is in the eyes of the beholder“.  Who am I to judge?

Any thoughts people?

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