My Galvanized Kuching


I have really been tempted to say something about this for weeks. Ever since the structures were up, my fingers have been itching to type up a post about the galvanized iron fencing in Kuching. Don’t know what I mean? Please check the photo below.

Now, I’m not sure how many of you are against it, or how many of you are for it.

I am however sure of these 6 ‘side effects’:

  1. You’d be burning more fat now because illegal road side parking still requires you to walk quite a distance.  Kuching people will be a slimmer lot soon. Bad news for those slimming services though.
  2. Less places in Kuching to ‘test’ your SUVs capabilities in rough terrain particularly when parking.  So SUV drivers, it’s time to get a nice Sedan.
  3. We’d have less creative drivers when it comes to parking. No more side park, cross park, one tyre-up park etc.
  4. Business operators will be happy because they will be more opportunities to place their lovely promotional poster.  Name your size, we have the space.
  5. Snatch thieves and their associates will be glad because now they have a free high jump training ground.  Soon, they can go international with the skills they posses.
  6. Insurance companies (particularly car insurance) will be worried because car damage will be extensive, contractors will also be happy when there’s an accident. More ‘kantao’ ma.

As for the million dollar question of whether the fencing would make Kuching look less beautiful, well… kanBeauty is in the eyes of the beholder“.  Who am I to judge?

Any thoughts people?


  1. i think tat just proves tat our education system failed.

    ppl are not civic minded. they park anyhow they like. yea.. those SUV
    snatch thieves everywhere tat they have to lock us up to protect us.
    ppl cross the roads wherever they like. forget bout the zebra crossing.. nobody’s gonna stop for u.. i got honk once for stopping at a zebra crossing to let ppl cross the road.

    and toking bout beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. yea.. tat’s their artistic sense.. some arts appreciation class needed here..

  2. at one time only animals are fenced up .. but it seems fencing up humans is becoming .. rather normal ..

    one just hv got to see the grill and fences in some houses .. and now – road side .. is it really to prevent .. or to make the life of some people in authorities easier .. with these fences being put up – but i notice most of these fences are not standardized in terms of the ‘motifs’ and i wonder if – it is a ‘fast’ job without following procedure .. or … (left to any one’s thoughts and opinions)

    and is this nipping the problem at the bud .. or … short term solutions to a long term issue …

  3. I thought they were clever, something some of the snatch victims would appreciate, that is if you had the misfortune to be one. Although to speak of practicality, city folks should give it some time and not be quick to judge. We’ll soon know how effective (or not)it is. But to take it down because they uglify the city, that’s like saying beauty is only skin-deep, isnt it? There’s a bigger picture somewhere than just looks.

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