My Love Triangle


Love triangles are not something I’d like to get myself into as they tend to be very problematic, stressful, full of desire, etc etc.  Yea, I kind of watch too much TV series, and it’s sort of the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, I’m sure most of you were as skeptical as I am when you knew about the iPad. Put that with the name like ‘iPad’, and you can think of at least 5 jokes to humiliate Apple’s latest offering.  One of my favorite would be saying that the iPad with ‘wings’ will be out soon 😛

While most of us would also compare the iPad with notebooks, netbooks and other computer related devices, I’d bet that we can practically think of so many reasons why we shouldn’t get one, but suprisingly I am slowly revolving into a huge admirer of Apple and it’s range of products, and this includes the iPad.

You see, making kinky jokes and trying to play down of Apple’s ability is one thing, but actually using it in real life is a totally different experience.  Take my word for it, because I used to think that the iPod Touch was a waste of money, and was just some over-priced gadget used by the rich to show off that they are rich until I actually had the privilege to use one for a whole month, and that changed everything.  I fell deeply in love with the gadget, as it was easy to use, and it could replace my bulky laptop any time.  The battery life span was also very pleasing despite it being second hand, and parting with the device was hard once I managed to find a buyer.  From that day onwards, I was already keeping a silent hope of owning an iPhone.

Then, the iPad came out.  Like I said above, I made jokes about the iPad and told tales of why you shouldn’t get the iPad until Fahriee invited me to join him on behalf of SHiOK Magazine to test the iPad at ITFussion.  The test run silenced me.  I wish I was pulling your leg, but it’s the truth. The iPad actually rocks big time, and if I was some rich bastard with lots of money to spare, I’d fly to the US and get myself one.

Well, my point is, while Apple gadgets do seem to be over-rated most of the time, but it doesn’t take ‘them’ much to persuade you that you need one. I say this because Apple does not build gadgets to sell, but rather they build gadgets to love, and ‘love’ my friends… is not something easy to forget.  Look at me, I’m all over the iPhone now, and it breaks my heart that I can’t afford one without burning a huge hole in my pocket.

With that said, if you don’t want to be caught in this love triangle I’m experiencing, do not ever try any products from Apple, because the saying goes that “once you turn Mac, you never turn back“…

I really wished ‘Apple’ grew on trees….


  1. Jamie Yeoh:
    Hehehe…. I prefer the iPhone coz I like having something small and being able to carry it around, but well.. if I was given an iPad.. I’m not rejecting it. 😛

    LOL… I know, the name sucks.. They could have gone for iTab or something like that.

  2. Wow wow wow.. I shouldn’t have read this post.

    Initially, when I first heard about iPad.. I thought it’s real sanitary pad till someone actually corrected me.. Hahaha.. I was so blur.. 😡

  3. The saying that goes “once you turn Mac, you never turn back“… happened to me quite recently. It was a very innocent gesture of helping a dear team member by borrowing my laptop and in exchange I used his MacBook. He is 52 by the way and that Macbook belongs to his son, which explained the “techie ness”.

    After 2 hours mastering some of the applications on MacBook, it really breaks my heart to return it to the owner. I don’ care if I could not own an Iphone as I need a Handphone more than I need a a gadget, but Ipad is a must have.

    Ya mauk cari part time job di Penang tok.

  4. TimmyLicious:
    It is errr.. deceiving.. I mean the iphone package by Digi.. but I’d recommend the 12 months repayment scheme if you got the iphone.

    Heheh.. always the case bro. Money speaks volumes when we are talking about buying something.

    Yalah.. nang .. kitak mok juak nak?

    LOL.. I’d want one for a year 😛

  5. Haha..ive heard that saying before..well, I probably wud not buy one but if they sent it to me to use for a mth I so wud not complain..possible ah? Wink wink. Lol.

  6. What a “dangerous” love triangle, I really don’t want to be in this triangle as it will get my pocket to have a very very big hole hehehe. I’m not a big fan of apple as my mind always tell me “hey, if you buy their products you actually buy the brands only, there’re so many others almost as good that is more affordable :p” but love to try or have any of their product for free of course hehehe maybe after that I’ll consider to buy their products (if I’m satisfied and if my bankcard gives approval hehe)

  7. hehehe….iphone from Digi’s package seems to be a bit cheaper than maxis. i do not really know about apple’s product much. i do not have any privilege to use any of it up to now. hehehe.

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