My Nissan Navara NP300 review


After writing my review of the new Toyota Hilux 2016 as you can read here, now it’s time to share my thoughts on what I call the contender for the ‘pick-up truck’ I MIGHT buy, which is the Nissan Navara NP300.  Actually, I test drove the Navara before the Hilux 2016, but since the Navara NP300 has been in the Malaysian market since late 2015, it was a strategic (and SEO move) to write about the newer Hilux 2016 which was launched just recently.

Anyway, like my previous review, this is probably one of the few, non-professional reviews of the Nissan Navara NP300, so do spare me the nasty comments when it comes to technicalities. Also like the Hilux 2016 review, I’d just talk about four things, the interior, the exterior, the driving comfort and finally the price – all done in layman’s terms.

p/s Gambar I ngambik dari website Nissan ajak sebab kacak agik gambar dak ya.



Navara NP300 interior

My love for the interiors of the Navara NP300 has a lot to do with the nice looking audio/navigation system. The 5″ multimedia display looks good and modern, and it looks 5-inch with buttons arranged nicely for easy use.

The multicoloured display does make the multimedia system look very nice.  The instrument meter however looks complicated, and a little bit old fashioned for my liking. It also had so many information and wordings I felt I would need to stop by the road side to read it.

The dashboard looks good, but I would easily vote the Hilux 2016 as having the better dashboard specifically because the Hilux G variant optimizes space more than the Navara NP300 (It’s really because of the cooler section they have above the glove compartment).

There’s plenty of room in the Navara NP300, and there’s enough cup holders, and USB ports for everyone. In short, the interior looks neat and nice.





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