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I’m very very sure, some of you have been looking at my Facebook profile and reading that I have been stuck at home, unable to attend work, and kind of ‘missing’ from everything.

Honestly, it’s not what I want. When I skip work, I’d be left with tonnes to do when I return back, and I hate having lots to do in such a short period. But, the doctor instructed me to stay home, so I shall abide. After all, the government did say that who ever go against the ‘home-quarantine’ would be fined, shall it be found that they are violating it.. So, what choice do I have?

After my very first RWMF, I decided that I should go for a check-up on Monday. It was Amiey’s suggestion, and I agreed to it, generally because I wanted to be cleared of any illness, most evidently the H1N1 influenza virus. I wouldn’t want to be labeled as the main culprit in spreading the virus at work, wouldn’t I? So, off I went. The whole examination could be read at Amiey’s blog.

Kungfu Panda

Anyway, none did I know that they will issue me a 3 day sick leave for going for this check-up. I have minor cough, and that was about it. I really felt that it was nothing, and hence, I was looking forward to coming to work on Tuesday. But, with the newly issued sick leave, and the instructions that I should stay at home for the next 7 days, there was nothing I could do, but isolate myself at home. The funny thing is, they instructed me to stay at home, and keep myself away from mingling with others for 7 days, but then they only issued me a 3 day sick leave. Funny.. so what’s gonna happen for the next 4 days left? Should I attend work? or just stay at home assuming I can skip work and get away with it, without any solid proof of the need to stay at home?

So, when my sick leave ended, I decided I should go to work. I went despite having my worsening cough, having running nose, and a mild headache. I know my boss will not be too happy with me having such a long sick leave, and so I braved myself to go to work, despite the odds.

Sadly, after the first few classes, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I sensed that my students were also worried that I might have contracted H1N1, and they stayed a good distance from me. I was also frequently sneezing, and I guess that scared a hell lot of people around me. So.. I finally decided to ask permission from a smaller boss (since my boss was not around yet) to go to the hospital for further check-ups. She agreed, but said she will have to refer my absentee to the the bigger boss regarding what kind of holiday I’d be allowed for. I told her that I am sure that I’d be given another sick leave, an left for the hospital immediately.


To cut a long story short, I was asked and given another two days sick leave (as I expected). I was also asked to stay indoors (quarantine la), and come back shall the headache pursues to become a full fledgling fever, and my cough worsens. The Dr attending to me also suggested that I come back again if I experience shortness of breath, more muscle aches and also worsening flu. At this point, she explains that I will have to be hospital quarantined shall I be confirmed to have contracted the H1N1.

So, am I happy to be home quarantined now? Well, it sucks at some point, but it does have its advantages. Nevertheless, I really hope I can get a clean bill of health cause as much as sick leave is great to have, I’d prefer to be healthy, and running here and there. And did I mention that I am hugely prone to flu and cough?? Well, yes, I am.. and that’s why most of my sick leaves are caused by these two sickness. Now, I’m just crossing my fingers that it’s not H1N1.


  1. luckily you and amiey can get out from SCV, silap2 both of u kena quarantine dekat SCV cannot get out of it he…he…ya la i heard from some o my friend la supose to be like that if you are detect as a H1N1 carier. Tapi kesian also people keep on blaming babi as pembawa this virus…why they dont blame sapi?? tidak puas hati la konon tuk…

    People get the misconception on the virus. These people don’t read enough, and that’s why so many people out there just like to ‘hentam sebarang’ without getting their facts right. Nobody is stupid, but so many are ignorant.

  2. i always advice my kids to wear face masks when going into crowded areas. swine flu is really scary and i dont want my kids getting infected by it.

    Yes, that is the best way to avoid infection.

  3. hey 3 out of 7 days MC means you’re so not having swine flu! if you get 7 days or more it means you’re going to be quarantined 🙂 one way or another.

    That’s right!! That was what the Dr told me on the 4th day of my sick leave… After 7 days, if I am already healthy, then, I am swine flue free, and it’s just an ordinary flu.

  4. I am sure it is not H1N1, it is the hot season and people get sick easily. No reason to panic, but of course extra precaution does not do any harm too.
    Oh dear, do take care of yourself, and get well soon !!

    I was very sure too bro.. but yeah, who wants to reject free sick leave? kan?? hehe

  5. Welcome to the club of suspicious carriers! 🙂 That said, I hope you get well soon. Quarantine does suck.

    Ahaa.. now I know how you felt when you came home =D But anyway, quarantine does suck..but I think home quarantine is kind of fun…

  6. I don’t know other ways than to practice hygienic ways and avoid crowds to prevent swine flu 🙂

    You are right here..=D


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