My Privilege Book 2010

I’m sure most, or at least some of you have heard about My Privilege Book.  Well, if you haven’t, then let me give you a quick guide with this sentence: “It’s a book filled with discount voucher for products ranging from dining, retail and entertainment, with an estimate probably accumulated ‘cost of saving’ to be over RM1000 and above.”  And to top that up, it’s only RM35 per book!  Isn’t that cool?  Right.  So maybe you guys would already start moving your hands towards your mouse (and cursor) to your bookmarks to skip this post because it sounds like this post is paid for, and I’d be telling off so many reasons why you’d hate yourself if you didn’t have the book.  Well, hold on there, and continue reading…

For starters, blogging ethics says “Be honest when writing“, so I’m gonna oblige to that, and I think Felicia of My Privilege Book knew that I can’t be influence regardless of the free stuff I get, and hence the reason why she asked me(us – Amiey was with me) to experience the whole thing first hand, as in like we bought the book ourselves.

My Privilege Book 2010 Sales Promoter

So, what’s so special about this book?  I know, naysayers will go “Discount coupons are everywhere, and what’s the point of dipping RM35 to get discounts when you could get it for free?”  Yes… I know the sentiment, but think positive and think ahead.  Short term thinkers think that this book is worthless, and would agree 101% with the naysayers, because cut-out discounts, or coupons are normally also short-term in length, and are made up purposely to make you rush for their promotion, think less about it, and eventually spend more than you intend.  Sort of like, when you get a 50% discount voucher which is only valid for 24 hours, you’d rush to use it, even though you don’t need it, and you eventually spend more time waiting in line, or come back frustrated, or over-spending because you didn’t plan the whole thing.

Now, that’s where My Privilege Book comes in.  With over 100 merchants/shops/retailer/service providers giving a variety of discounts inside the book, you can plan ahead and choose what you want to get, when you want to get it.  So that means PRUDENT SPENDING to me.  Apart from that, the discounts last up to a year, and some go up to a huge 50% discount, so that automatically spells SAVINGS!  And what’s more importantly… they are featuring lots of exclusive and branded stuff, which for me mean, you can get BIG BRANDS at SMALL PRICES!

List of freebies when you get the My Privilege Book 2010

I know, all this does sound too ‘promotional’, but here’s the great part…If you get the book during one of their road shows, you’d enjoy the chance to get your custom picked TuneTalk mobile number with an extra RM5 pre-loaded, a free game of bowling, a free cup of Ipoh Town White Coffee, and a great RM1 promotion to do Body Art or Nail Art.  On top of that, you will be entitled for the Lucky Dip Cash Voucher, which will see you win something mysterious.  Don’t know what’s in-store for the dip, but Amiey got herself a free facial session.

My Privilege Book 2010 Secret

With that said, My Privilege Book is holding a road show from 18-30 Disember 2009 (MBO Atrium @tHe Spring, Kuching, 2nd Floor), 8-10th January 2010 (North Court Atrium @tHe Spring, Kuching) and the HUGE OFFICIAL LAUNCH on 15 January 2010 also @tHe Spring, Kuching.  I’d like to say more, but it’s time to go polish my bowling skills with the voucher I won from that ‘Lucky Dip thing’! And yeah, since they(Bowl Crystal) are also having some sort of promotion(RM20 for unlimited games after 7pm til 12midnight), and the voucher is worth cash, I think I’m definitely gonna break a finger =p

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