My T-Shirt printing service in Kuching: OttersNation

The brand on paper....

Well, no secret yeah. I’m starting the brand below.

OttersNation - You ain't exclusive until you own one.
OttersNation – You ain’t exclusive until you own one.

I could have gone for something typical as a brand name, but hey, ‘Otters’ means a lot to me, and my significant other. Not sure how it started, but we found ourselves referring to stuff using the words ‘ottersome’, ‘otterization’, ‘otterstand?’ and so many more.

Doesn’t make sense to you? Well, I honestly don’t care. It’s my brand name, now live with it.

Anyway, the brand actually represents a clothing line, and it would be really huge if you would be kind enough to LIKE the page here, and maybe order one of my t-shirts.

All t-shirts are limited edition t-shirts, and I assure you that it is made with a lot of love and joy.

The reason I say so is due to the fact that I design the t-shirts myself, and I print them myself, and I sell them myself.

I don’t send them out to third party companies, nor do I buy them somewhere and resale them. They are strictly my designs, and my effort. I’m also concern about the materials used for the t-shirts, so don’t think I’ll be sending you some cheap-skate tees.

And before you go on and say “Wah, kayalah you!”, please-lah… I’m spending thousands here really, and I’m not sure of the returns.  On top of that, I am not able to fully commit to this, so there’s a huge grey area there.

So why am I doing and investing in this? Well, honestly, I got tired asking printers to custom make the t-shirts designs I want, wo I figured, why not do it myself?

The 'block'. It's really not as simple as you see on youtube
The ‘block’. It’s really not as simple as you see on youtube

But behind it all, it was a hard process of learning.

The amount of time I used to watch youtube videos and also read related articles on how to perfect my print was really taxing, I almost gave up.

After 9 tries, with myself constantly playing with bleaching products, glue, wood, dye and many more, I finally managed to come up with a good print, but God only knows how my back hurts after doing all these process. There was constant squatting and bleaching when I’m working on this.

On top of that, the materials I purchased seemed to have dwindled as I did those ‘test’, and now I need to re-order them if I were to make more prints. – Belum start bisness dah rugi… how lah?

6th test print...
8th test print…

The effort I placed most certainly seem to not justify the RM30 price tag I have placed on making the block below for a limited of 20 tees, because when the material and effort cost was to be combined, I’d charge at least double to make a decent profit.

But then again, who’d wanna buy something so expensive? – I bet you wouldn’t, and I also bet you’d not want to have a design everyone has.

8th test print.. Notice the words are now better and clearer.
9th test print.. Notice the words are now better and clearer.

That said, I’ll charge accordingly because I think I know the market, and I think this is a good way to make some side income, although the profit will be minimal.

I do take bulk orders if you must know, but of course there are terms and conditions which apply, and this also includes the advance order duration.

If you have a t-shirt you’d want to print in bulk, let me know, and I’ll give you a quote, or if you are wanting more designs from me, frequent as I slowly release some designs for limited purchase.

p/s: if you are into charms, bracelets, necklace and more…you might want to check out too.


  1. hi sir.

    do you sell custom made tshirt? would u mind helping me designing a class tshirt for my form 3 students?

    i would love to buy in bulk ard 34 pieces of black tshirt with a design that u would create for me and my students

    u may quote the price and i ll then collect money from my students

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