My Twitter Account ‘@cyrildason’ Has Been Hacked *RESOLVED*


The email I received informing me my email has been changed

At precisely 6:33pm (+8 GMT), I received an email from Twitter telling me that my account email address associated to my twitter account was changed.

Check out my latest check-in which is the latest tweet from my FourSquare account

At that time, I was out in town buying food, so it wasn’t me doing any change to my email.  I checked into my FourSquare account which is linked to my Twitter, and so I believe that is proof that I was not home.  I have since conceded that my twitter account was hacked.

I have since contacted Twitter administrators to try to regain control of my account, but like what happened to my Facebook account a few months back, I am sure it will take time….more time since Twitter is a non-profit group. The difference is, the blocking of my Facebok account was self initiated as I failed to understand the new Terms and Conditions they have put up.

Scanning for virus and possible breach of my computer system and security using Avira.

This latest incident involving my twitter account comes just weeks after my email was also hacked (I didn’t blog about it due to security reasons), but I believe over 200 people received an email which wasn’t sent by me. I have since changed and tightened my password for my email due to this incident, and I am also scanning for virus, malware, worms and also possible Trojan horses in my laptop and PC.

I am yet to know the motive of such attacks, but I believe it is not personal, and most probably random hackers doing their ‘thing’.  Therefore, if you see tweets by my twitter ID (@cyrildason), it is not me.

I will update all of you on this page in regard to this unfortunate incident.

Update: 13-10-2010, 1414hours:

I received an email from the Twitter support team which is like below:

The response email from Twitter support

And yes.. I have regained control of my account after following the instructions given. Weirdly, Twitter is a non-profit micro blogging site, with practically no adverts if compared to Facebook. Yet, my problem was resolved within a week. Really makes you wonder what people on Facebook are doing… huh?


  1. people hack into anything these days. it cud be an honest mistake, it cud be a defamation case, it cud be a viral attack. Mustnt take these things lightly. close jak. thats why i dont tweet. it gives people a reason to stalk you unintentionally.

  2. I just had the EXACT same thing happened to me on this past Saturday. I, like you got the same email and the messed up resolutions that don’t mean jack to me since the hacker has changed my email. I am so freakin upset I could scream!

    • Yes Di… I was very upset too.. but I bet i can live without twitter. It’s just a little lonely without it around. Sorry to hear about you sharing similar fate. Hope your case gets resolved soon too.


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