SwkPolls11: My #swkwish: Vote for Sarawak


I know a lot of people are saying someone must go. 30 years is a little to long, and yes, a vote ‘the other’ way is a vote of protest.

Well, I’m not backing anyone in this post, but I’m backing Sarawak. My home state, my lovely state, and a place I am very proud to call ‘My home’.

Before I say anything further, let me tell you that like most Sarawakians, I want my state to progress. I want my state to get what it deserves, which is proper development and equal opportunity to rise as a powerhouse in Malaysia (because removing ourselves from Sarawak is nearly impossible). But in the same stance, I believe that Sarawakians must remain in tact of that morale values and community feel we have always had. We must reject politics and ideologies which are very not Sarawak like, such as personal attacks, and religious intolerance. Nothing good comes out from those things.

Which brings me to this point. Sarawak is lucky because the General Elections is 2 years after the Sarawak State Election (SSE). What does this mean?

Well, this means that the current powerful people needs to prove something to the people in order to stay in power for the General Elections. They need to prove to us, within that TWO YEARS that they have done something for Sarawak and Sarawakians, and if they fail, they will not conquer Putrajaya anymore.

Here’s two scenarios…
(The reference of the shortforms used is as follows: BN means Bogok Noku, PR means Parik Ramin, UM-NO mean Untuk Mu- Nai Oni?)

Scenario 1:
BN wins Sarawak state, keeps all their promise, shows they are capable (we know they have the money and resources), and win Putrajaya again in the 13 General Elections (GE 13).

We get rapid development, stable politics and progress as we all want. Investor come in.

We vote for the PR in the next GE 13. Yes, we vote for CHANGE because they failed to deliver. Simple.  BN will hold Sarawak for another 3 years after the 13 GE, but we can choose PR when they(PR) are the federal government, and they will fight hard to keep us for the GE 14. You see, we Sarawakians hold POWER, and we should use it!   In the next SSE11, we vote for who holds Putrajaya, and as we already voted for change, we can’t loose!! They will work hard to retain our support!

Scenario 2:
BN government cuts Sarawak budget. We get nothing. PR has less money, and we go no where far.

We get a little progress. We get change, but no major development. All this promises made involve money which will not come budding in 2 years. Unless PR controls the federal government, they are no way near in having income.

We suffer as we still long for new things and progress. Our vote in the next 13 GE means nothing much as even though PR earns Putrajaya, they still will not take as much care for us as we are already in their hands for the next 3 years after the GE 13. If BN hold Putrajaya for another term, we get cut off even worst… and empty promises are made yet again.

So, people of Sarawak…
Don’t let your hatred of one person deny you the ability to shape Sarawak’s future. Don’t let the hate of one person cloud your better judgement.

Ask yourself, what’s the point of voting against someone who will might die any moment? He will go. He is old. Vote for the future of yourself and Sarawak.

Be smart. Choose between the two scenarios, and decide which will make things better for you a Sarawakian living in Sarawak?

Your vote counts, and you decide. Please be rational when voting, and not emotional. Sarawakians are matured. We are not fools.

And to all those ‘outsiders’ asking us Sarawakians to vote for their preferred political party. Who are you to tell us who to vote for? We choose, and stop being bossy and asking us to vote for a party you like.

And while I am at it… Sarawakians will never want UM-NO in Sarawak. Those who do, are opportunist and NOT doing so in the interest of Sarawakians and Sarawak. You do not have to point that out to us. We know, and we are not stupid.


Hey, I wish I was paid to do this, but hell.. I’m not =(
This is all from my personal views, and my need to see Sarawak prosper even better. If you think my views are valid above, spread this article, and yes.. I am a valid voter, and I am gonna vote for Sarawak, not BN or PR.

And while you are reading, I’m not asking you to vote for BN, PR (D A P, P A S, P K R, S N A P) or independent. I’m just asking you to manipulate the situation where Sarawak has a hand in holding Malaysia.

and as i said, The reference of the shortforms used is as follows: BN means Bogok Noku, PR means Parik Ramin, UM-NO mean Untuk Mu- Nai Oni?


  1. Well said, and i totally agree. Needless for me to say more, look at how our own fellow Sarawakian, Dato’ Idris Jala solved the problem of the Bibles..I don’t think a fellow Malaysian at the peninsular will be able to solve that. And now they are bringing over their attitude and mentality over here, no way…Sarawak can do better than that.

  2. Cyril, I respectfully disagree with your reasoning.

    Has PR done a good job in Penang and Selangor in the three years since taking power? Seems to me that they’ve done BETTER than BN did. Yet Najib is going around taking credit for FDI increases in Penang, Selangor, and Kedah. Doesn’t that mean that BN is claiming to still help bring funds into those states?

    Whatever the case, I put it to you that PR-led states have NOT suffered and in fact have benefited from the change.

    Besides, it’s not like PR will win all the seats in Sarawak. BN will still hold sway in some, and BN former Assemblymen will still work on the ground. They will still have the ability to bring in development. It’s just that a PR-led government will be MORE TRANSPARENT and LESS CORRUPT.

    Can you say the same thing will happen if BN is allowed to continue to be in power?

    It very much sounds like you have bought into the FUD tactics that BN has been preaching since the election was announced. They go around saying things like, “vote for us because if you don’t then we will not approve projects in your district.” This so distasteful, but so very BN. That is not good government; that is gangsterism.

    Do not vote based on fear but on hope.

    • Trust me, I am not in anyway swayed by BN’s tactics, nor I am very impressed by PR’s. My whole point is simple; we can manipulate the situation for our gains as Sarawakians.

      Being in the federal government gives you more allocation, and if they are fighting to get your vote, then make them throw as much as they can to you. In this case, Sarawak has 2 years or shorter before Fed Elections. BN now holds power and money, and they need to retain Swk to be in power. Lets be opportunist by asking them to promise, and fulfill in 2 years or less. If they fail, we vote them out of Putrajaya, and then.. next we go for PKR.

      I dont like people doing personal attacks on someone. Im always against it. Im not scared that BN will cut development, but rather I feel they can do more when they have money at the moment. FDI may increase into Sarawak if PR won this elections, but the ripple effect of FDI will be late if compared to Government pumping in money to build more roads, more schools, more basic infrastucture etc.

      We have less than two years… The government who wins needs a lot of money in 2 years to ensure what they promise will come true. If they dont, I’ll be sure Sarawakians will have a say in kicking their ass out of Putrajaya.

      But anyway, with all due respect.. you have your opinion, and i have mine. Let’s not bicker about it, but go for whoever would make Sarawak a better state. I must admit, I don’t like Peninsular political tactics which use religion and bad mouth someone. It’s so not Sarawakian.

      • Cyril,

        speaking of political tactics, what do you think about the current DDOS attacks on Sarawak Report, Malaysiakini, and other opposition-leaning websites?

        • I believe that no one should be accused before proven guilty. The current sentiment would point directly to BN, but you never know ‘what if PR themselves did it’ so that they can heap it over to the people? PR has for now proven that they are focusing on personal attacks, and are only aiming for Taib, so we can’t exactly say they are not behind it. Same goes to BN. They have proven they have the ability to misuse power and they have money at their disposal, so we cant say its not them either.

          No one can be trusted. I believe everything now falls back to the people. Politicians will not be truthful, so the people have to be smart to manipulate and judge the situation.

          It’s like BN throwing money, going to meet Christian leaders etc. Honestly, who are they fooling? Damage has been done, Sarawakians are not blind and stupid. Show that you care now means nothing. You need to earn trust and proof you will work for the people.


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