MyHouse: Fence Is Up & MetroCity Kuching Is Near

It’s Sunday and it’s one of those days you just feel restless. I have a lunch meeting at 1230PM, and shall be running around chasing a NIKE ball a bit after 8PM. Oh well, back to what I initially wanted to say.

I’m glad to announce that my house is nearing completion. The fence surrounding the house is up, and it’s a great deal of pleasure to see that it’s gonna be a mix of steel and bricks. The developer previously told me that the house will have chain-link fence for both the side and back, but it seems that the side and front will have a proper brick+steel fence. Maybe it was me misinterpreting the news then, but shall I’ve known, I’d ask them to make a small side gate for me to slip out at night. Maybe later on I guess. I’m now calculating the budget needed for the house in December. I foresee a huge fortune being spent on this property of mine.

I’m seriously considering installing an auto-gate for my future house. The thought of staying dry when it’s raining is really a huge motivation for me. My worry is that I won’t be able to put one due to the size of the gate provided. I’m also a little worried about the quality of the auto-gate machine as I’ve heard a few saying it does break down easily.  Any suggestions on this perhaps? Maybe a good auto-gate dealer, or just a word of advice? Anyone? Anybody?

Other things I’m looking into is walling up the kitchen. The kitchen provided is not walled up, and so I have to do so myself. I’ve already made a basic drawing on how I’d like the kitchen to be, however money remains the main issue as I figure it will cost me not less than RM8k just to wall up, and renovate the kitchen to my design. There’s also plans to build fixed wardrobes in the main bedroom. I’m not into moving furniture, and I hate seeing spaces collecting dust. After a long thought, making built-in wardrobes seems the best option. I have a friend doing such service, but I’ve yet to compare his price with others.

Well, I have re-structured my finances this month, and I have a good sum of left-overs from my pay for the house. Will be storing more money to enable more things to be done in the future, but for now, I’m just glad that my fence (side and front) is bricks and steel, and the pillars of the gate will feature a mailbox and lighting options.

Oh, one last thing, my house was purchased at RM254k, and the developer is opening the second phase for bookings at a minimum of RM280k. I was made to understand the design is the same, and the land size is almost similar (9 points above). Shall you be interested, and you are a Bumiputera, do contact me. The location of the house is very strategic and it’s not far from the up-coming MetroCity Kuching. Hell yeah, all my doubts of buying the house in this area is now quashed with the announcement of MetroCity Kuching! (The doubts came because of BDC-ians constantly saying I should have bought a unit at BDC =P ).

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