No Goal, No Win, No Hope


Sarawak football is indeed a sad sad tale to tell. No one knows what went wrong until we leaped downwards and no one knows wheather we will survive when we are back to top flight next season. You could blame the lack of support from our local fans, but with such bad quality presented during games, how can you blame them for choosing Man United, Chelsea or Arsenal over Sarawak FA?

Regardless, I am still a proud fan of Sarawak. Yes, I may curse them once a while, shout out loud of dissatisfaction over their game, and maybe shake my head of disbelief over miss chances, but the spirit of the team nicknamed ‘the Crocs’ remains strong in me. I can say that I am a loyal supporter of the team just based on how long I have supported them.

This year, I watched them play 3 times (So much for claiming I’m a die-hard fan). Definately they were not as impressive as the other teams. In fact, the only won once, and scored once at home, and played like ‘kampung boys’ in most of the games. It was one of those moments you just had to shake your head of dissapointment.

Anyway, the one thing which I really liked this year was the home kit. Boasting red and black stripes, the kit looks beautiful in my eyes, striking a resemblence with the AC Milan kit.

After contemplating for a bit, I finally decided to get the kit. The price for such a kit was RM129.90 (Rather pricey compared to previous years, especially for an unknown brand: StarSports). However, after much contemplating (again!), I decided to just go for it, and hence making the Sarawak football kit/jersey my most expensive jersey to date.

While many may say RM129.90 is a little too much to spend on a jersey, particularly one coming from an unknown brand, the jersey itself is very comfortable. I tried it out last SUnday, and I was very pleased with the comfort of the material, hence me telling Mike how I’ll wear this RM129.90 jersey everytime I come down to play. If you think my RM129.90 for the jersey is a waste of money, I seriously beg to differ, as I would also be wearing it to all the Sarawak games next season. Go ya Crocs!


  1. This act of yours purchasing an expensive Jersey, though it is not “conventionally branded” or represented something out of glory (false worship I would say by many football people out there), is something I found very interesting.

    You are one true blue Sarawakian. I don’t think I have found anyone (amongst my own peers la of course, dont say about the older generation) giving that much weight and thought for Sarawak as you bro.
    Keep the spirit up. You may not realize it, but your little acts of faith is affecting people around you. Me included !!

    Yes, Go Crocs !!!!

    • hahah.. I hope it does bro coz I believe that the team cant survive if everyone shuns it. One reason why Sarawak is in such a bad state is due to their financial difficulties.

      I pity the team when at times, when they are loosing, they get booed by their own supporters, and people start to shy away from their home games. No people in the stadium, no money comes in, no money comes in, no pay goes out… how can you play properly when your mind is worried when the next pay check will come out? *sigh* Lets hope for better days…

    • They dont need a miracle bro, they just need support. At the moment, most of our Sarawak fans are fans that turn up when they are winning. The moment they start loosing, these ‘fans’ become Chelsea, Man U or other EPL team fans…. *sigh*


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