Noah is and was banned


Noah the movie, was banned by Malaysia.

*yawn* What’s new? We are after all living in Malaysia where it seems that (some of) the Muslims get confused easily, and where Islam is supreme over all other religions. I’m not making up points here, it’s very true based on A LOT of articles like this one. Just google up ‘Muslims confused by Allah‘ and you will see pages of documentations. I didn’t say it, the noble clerics did, although Marina Mahathir (God bless her!) did give out some very interesting points about ‘Confident People Do Not Get Confused

If that is not enough, then we have this thing called ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ which is uber sensitive I shall not elaborate further because after ISA was abolished, there was some other law being passed to ensure people talking a little too much about both Islam and Malays go behind bars.

But that’s not all of what’s interesting in Malaysia nowadays. The new Chief Minister of Sarawak (some say the country of Sarawak) is pushing plenty of buttons after he assumed his new post as the most powerful man in Sarawak.

From a person who said nothing, nada, zip before he was elected, he is saying a hell lot of things nowadays, and it delights Sarawakians by the masses.

New and old chief minister of Sarawak. Adenan is in blue. Photo by
New and old chief minister of Sarawak. Adenan is in blue. Photo by

The new CM was reported to have asked for bigger fuel royalties for Sarawak, wanting a more united Sarawak, and even attended the Crocs games. The icing of the cake for many Sarawakians I believe would be best reserved for Ibrahim Ali (he doesn’t deserve a ‘Mr’ in my books), who was officially blacklisted from Sarawak by the CM himself.

But of course, this is all politically motivated, and can be changed in time.  For now, it is wonderful to know that people like Ibrahim are kept away from Sarawak.

And then there’s the MH370 tragedy.  Today marks the 30th day it has gone missing, and I feel for the family and friends.

A Singaporean pastor once said “No one can console a grieving heart, because only God can do it”, and he was simply accurate just there, especially when you consider how bizarre the MH370 incident is.

I’ve been following keenly the news about the search and rescue, and my hope is that the plane would be found, be it crashed or in one piece with everyone still alive.  The later seems more optimistic, but everyone knows, it’s a little unlikely.

While I do feel for the grieving families, I can’t help to feel a little angry about how the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines is blamed for the incident, especially by the families from China.

A typical member of the MH370 press conference with Hisyamuddin (centre) and jauhari (right) and the DCA Director
A typical member of the MH370 press conference with Hisyamuddin (centre) and jauhari (right) and the DCA Director. Photo by BBC News

Granted, our press conferences could be handled better, with people able to speak good fluent English taking charge.  Unfortunately, except for Jauhari Yahya, Ignatius Ong and Hisyammuddin Hussein, the rest of those doing the press conferences seem to be clueless, and looking ‘lost’ about questions they take, and hence the miss-communication and miss-information.

But above all, the people of China should understand that Malaysia didn’t want this, and what more to mess around with a super power like China.  Despite our lacking facilities and abilities, we are trying our best to do what we can and I think that is due for some credit.  It is really not the time to play the blame game.

But well, like a true ‘hero’, Anwar Ibrahim went on CNN and told the world that Malaysia is hiding the truth, hence escalating the whole thing to a new level.  For me, this makes Anwar less a Malaysian in my eye, and definitely not Prime Minister material.

For you, I am not sure…. but lets let the nasty comments begin.


  1. crita ni ada karakter nabi muhammad kan?? dalam islam melukis/melihat(karakter palsu) muka nabi muhammad adalah haram dan berdosa besar bagi umat islam.

  2. I really dislike big brother banning movies, newspapers and books especially in the name of religion.
    The reviews of this movie are not good so may be this time big brother actually save us some money. 😉

    • I beg to differ, it is actually rated fresh in rotten tomatoes. I was fortunate enough to be in Thailand when the movie was on show. It was a thought provoking movie, protraying Noah as human as possible. Since this is hollywood, don’t expect a direct adaptation from the Bible which actually angered lots of people around the world. The best scene was the story of creation. Google it, you will be amazed (or offended, depend on how conservative you are :))


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