Now DiGi has Broadband too


DiGi is finally into broadband.  I’ve been waiting for the introduction of their version of broadband since last year.  Celcom and Maxis offer similar wireless broadband, but I’m a Digi customer, and I do not want to jumble up my billing payment by paying for both Digi and another mobile telco.  Sticking to one telco means I get to enjoy more benefits due to my loyalty.

Anyway, I’m not sure if the broadband service is officially launched already, but DiGi is always known for introducing great cheap things first.. and the blue, red and orange will follow suit…hehehhe

From what I could gather  DiGi is offering the best deals at the moment.  If you were to refer to their comparison chart below (click to enlarge), you’d see how they seem to have the upper hand in almost everything, from speed to price.  Even better, they are going ‘contract-less‘.

Also noted is the fact that it is only available at the Klang Valley at the moment (as usual lah), so Sarawakians like me have to wait till ‘hell breaks loose’ to get the coverage of DiGi broadband.

Positively, the charges of the broadband are very much cheaper than other competitors with the lowest coming at RM56 flat rate (maximum of  3GB usage) for a 700kps download.  There are 3 packages available.  Nonetheless, there is a capped usage in which DiGi claims that you will still be able to access the internet after the capped limit, but your broadband connection will be throttled to a lower speed of 128kbps for all  packages offered.  I only knew that Maxis and Celcom do also cap the usage of their broadband, but I’m not sure whether they do cut down your speed, or ask you to pay more for your usage.

I see that DiGi is making the right move to introduce rebate for modem purchase, but of course giving out the modem for free would be much much better.

For those interested to know more, visit this link, or DiGi’s FAQ on their new broadband service here.   As for me, a poor lad with the need for wireless broadband, from Sarawak… I’d just be able to register my interest in the broadband because it is yet to be make its way to Kuching or Sarawak.  *SHAKES HEAD*

Sarawak’s seems to be always among the last to get stuff from DiGi… I’m sure they will go to KK first and Kuching will be among the last to enjoy DiGi’s Broadband.

…and guys, when I say broadband.. I mean the 3G thing, and not EDGE… and I’m not paid for this, but I wish I was.


  1. What I know for Celcom is that, once it’s capped, you will have slower speed. As for Digi, I heard that you can still use the same speed after it’s capped but you have to pay for it.

    [Cyril Dason]
    You don’t have to worry about the broadband Irene. You got to use Celcom Broadband for FREE!!! I’m so envious of you.. can I rent your celcom broadband for RM5 a month??>

  2. I am currently using celcom broadband. Nothing much to complain about it really, but of course, its still new, and lets just see what digi and probably more new providers can come up with. It is too early to say who is better.

    [Cyril Dason]
    You have a point. I’m hoping they will go on a price war (like they did on their mobile services), and I can get wireless broadband at a very very low rate 😀

  3. too bad. i have just purchased a celcom broadband altho’ im a digi user…. unless digi broadband is gonna be WAY better than celcom broadband, i’ll just stick to this one im using currently.

    and oh…i hope P1 comes to KK fast.

    [Cyril Dason]
    KK is under RedTone if I’m not mistaken. P1 only covers the peninsular. I am wondering why RedTone is taking so long to launch their Wimax service here when the date line has already passed like months ago. Anyway, from the looks of it, DiGi is offering better 😛

  4. Yeah, it was launched last month. Digi is still upgrading its 3G coverage, so need to wait patiently for its use.

    I’ve been using Celcom Broadband for about 1 year now (mainly due to the absence of fixed line service in my area and it’s coverage). Celcom Broadband is “contract less” now as well. So far no problem with the speed.

    I would advise you to buy the modem on your own, it’s very cheap nowadays. Can always scout at Saberkas for one. Then sign up for the non-modem packages. The ones sold by telcos are over-priced!

    By the way, for those in Klang Valley, should try out P1 Wiggy! (Super fast!!)

    [Cyril Dason]
    Went to DiGi Store..and they said they have not officially launched it yet, and they are kind of just doing a ‘trail’ in Klang Valley. I guess I have to be patient, but as I said, the ‘cap usage’ is a really turn off. P1 Wimax is a dream for Sarawak at the moment bro.. if only….

  5. Wow! DiGi got broadband ready. I want it! DiGi really can be the best mobile service in Malaysia if it have 3G later. I love DiGi because it charged less and they provided the good service. I am looking forward for the new broadband, I want it. I’m sure that DiGi sales result can won Maxis and Celcom!

    [Cyril Dason]
    Hahaha…. you said it bro!! Way to go DiGi!!

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