Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8 Review


I received the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8 today. As you may have read, it’s the prize I’ve won from Digi sometime ago. The link about that post is here. A new camera for me, but its still way far from a new DSLR I really want. Well, regardless… I’m always happy to get something good and free from anyone 🙂

So here’s a simple review about the camera. I tried a few shots, so… I’d basically compare it with my trustworthy Canon IXY 25 IS which I have been using for 3 years now.

So here’s what I liked about the camera:

The hand-grip : It’s something good to have. It feels very comfortable and this makes shaky hands a thing of the past.

The battery : The camera uses a twin AA battery to power it. This is good because its cheap to replace and find.

The memory slot : This is one thing I really love about the LZ8. With the memory slot placed at the side of the camera, it’s easy to remove hence not requiring me to frequently open the battery compartment like I have to in my Canon Ixy 25IS.

The mode dial : The mode dial is a welcomed feature as it enables me to change features in an instance.

Memory card selection : The LZ8 uses the SD card, which is a widely used memory card for digital camera’s these days hence making it easy to buy new memory space shall the need arises.

Easy buttons layout : With the delete, display and exposure button all individual, it makes it easy to navigate.

Optical zoom : 5x optical zoom.. what more can you ask for?

And this is what I disliked or felt could be improved:

The body – Looks like cheap plastic. Not something which says ‘class’. The body is also a little bulky which makes it somewhat hard to carry around.

The mode dial – It maybe useful, but it seems to be fitted badly as in loosely. In other words, it does seem fragile.

Cursor Buttons – I have big fingers, and therefore using these tiny buttons do carry my own problems.

Battery type – Double A batteries are easy to change, but they are also bigger, bulkier and less lasting.

To sum up, the LZ8 isn’t a bad camera. Robin is using one, and he gets the best out of it.

Or maybe I should consider getting a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1 12.1MP Digital Camera Silver


  1. Eve & Elvin:
    So u think LZ8 image looks better huh? Wow…

    Uchu Keling:
    Hahaha.. I wish it does that.. 😛 I always tidy up actually, but after 24 hours, its back the same.. so I gave up.

    Ah Mike:
    Waahh.. Ok.. ok.. good observation. And yes, that is BCCK Brochure 🙂

    Really nice photos that you have taken.. and one thing I love about the LZ8 is it’s 5x Optical zoom!! Still getting used to the whole camera, but I agree on the pinkish and blueish cast, and as for the sharpness, bot cameras are actually reduced at the same rate/size using the same software.

    Wahh… Well, I hope this one is better 🙂

  2. Hmmm…
    1) evidently the LZ8 has a wider angle. You have covered more in one frame.
    2) The LZ8 has gathered more ambient light. The image seemed very evenly lit. The ixy25is seems to have light-fall-off at the back.
    3) For some reasons (which should not happen) the ixy25is has slight pink color cast. Not an issue, I have always complained about the strong green cast on the LZ8.
    That is all I can tell from those two photographs. Sharpness and resolution comparison will be irrelevant because you have significantly reduced the sizes of the photograph.

    Both are very capable cameras. Canon has very lively and pleasing colours, and usually fares better in terms of resolution/sharpness. But the LZ8 has a new weapon that you previously did not have: FULL manual control. That is the main reason I bought the camera.
    How I wish I can get it for free.
    And my latest entry has all photos taken with LZ8 again ahahaha

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