Party @ Ben’s 2009

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It’s almost Chinese New Year, and my colleagues decided that it was time to do our annual Party @Ben’s.  Last year, we had it at the end of the year, but this year… it’s sort of a Christmas/New Year/Chinese New Year and birthday party. It was held last Thursday night because Ben was leaving for KK on Friday afternoon, for Chinese New Year.

Everyone came with David being the first, and Jack being the last.  As usual, there was liquor, beer, food and fun!!

We shared stories, and the word “RESIGN AJAK LAH” proved to be a hit.  Coming close was the phrase “SAYA TIDAK PERNAH KECEWA“.  Jalani, Matthew and Ben started doing ‘joget’ actions as we laughed our hearts out through the night with how silly they looked.  Topics?? Ahh.. way to many.. but it always ended with “MUN KAWU SIK MAOK, BAGUS KAWU RESIGN AJAK LAH!!

Matthew which sat next to me, wasn’t drinking much, as he kept sneaking his portion of liquor into my cup making my cup always full.  Ahaks!!  I caught him red handed, but when Jalani started started moving around with the liquor bottle… and it was Matthew’s turn to drink.. he’d say he has finished a few glasses already, when in fact.. his liquor was always filling my cup!!

I guess, this could prove to be the most expensive party ever, because in the process of having fun, chatting and imitating certain people.. 3 plastic chairs broke!!  Yup..  BROKE!!  And no.. We were not drunk yet.  No one was drunk.

Anyway, here’s a few photo’s during this party, and you can know more by hovering your mouse over each photo.

… and a lesson I’ve learned was…

Tuak+Beer+Liqour=VERY BAD!!!

… and I have a dear friend to prove it… and guess what, ironicly.. he was talking about being still ‘hung over’ while going to work the next day.. and he was.. err.. yeah… he was still ‘recovering’ when I met him at work today.. hahaahahaha…

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