Party @Ben’s 2008

UPDATE ON 10 Sept 2008, 8:35pm
Datuk Ahmad Ismail is suspended for 3 years from UMNO for making racist comments.  I was wondering it it was ‘someone else’ from another party, for sure they would be ISA-ed.
Malaysia with its equality *SHAKES HEAD*

Its very difficult to get the group together.  School work, and not mentioning out personal lives have disabled all the plans to have a party or sort of a friendly gathering together.  After David’s party pre-Gawai party last year, plans to do another gathering at Lundu, Sematan and even MIri failed.  In fact, there was talks about having a BBQ at Ben’s place, but that too faltered with so little attending.

Anyway, last Friday, due to Matthew’s vigorous suggestion since Monday, the group decided to give a ‘go ahead’ to the suggestion of having a simple gathering at Ben’s place.  The time was set for 7pm, and David and I took some time off our free time to shop for stuff needed for the party.  We practically searched the whole of Kuching for the stuff needed for this gathering, but came back in time for our classes, with almost all the things needed for the party.

Martin volunteered to bring in the drinks, and I could count myself as just a ‘rider’ for this party, the same as Mathew, Jalani, John and Chief.  In fact, I even manage to catch the movie 21 before coming to the gathering. hehehhe….

After sending a couple of photos over to Emy, I drove my car to Ben’s at 630pm, hoping that I wouldn’t be the first to arrive. God knows how I hate being the first to arrive at any function, and this is no exception.  Thankfully, Matthew and David was already there, and so I joined in helping out preparing the fire fot the BBQ.

Minutes later, John and Chief came, while Martin parked his Waja in front of Ben’s gate minutes thereafter. I guess he’s trying to to ensure we all knew he has arrived.  Typical of Martin..hahaha.. Jalani was the last to arrive as he came all the way from Pending, and had some personal things to attend to before hand.  John took no time putting his experience as a scout by taking over the flames of the BBQ.  The one thing I noticed among my friends is the fact that all of them came using T-shirts which bore the name of certain association.  I came with my university CSS t-shirt.  Martin came with his USM class shirt (I think so), Jalani, David and John on the other hand used some shirt which said “Persatuan/Kelab…bla..nla..bla..”.  I guess it shows that these type of t-shirts become useful during smelly BBQ’s like this one.

Throughout the gathering a.k.a party, we chit chatted about so much. Politics, relationships, experiences, beer types, and so much more came into the discussion.  Some even came out with funny actions with their explanations, and being teachers… they did the actions so well til I practically burst in laughter.  As I was the youngest among them, I was more of a listener, and only smiled to their remarks on how I do not drink beer.  Ben even took the trouble to take out a can of TsingTao for me as Matthew claimed I drank one bottle when I had an outing with him some time before.  Yeah right…..

Honestly, I could hardly finish that can of TsingTao, but the minute Martin introduced his well kept Chivas Scotch Whisky… hell yeah!!!  That was my type of drink!!  I poured my first glass of Chivas, and added some Coke into it.  More pours came thereafter, until I decided that I had to stop before I got drunk.  Nonetheless, a couple more pours slipped into my cup as I could not resist that sweet taste of Coke+Chivas, and of course due to the fact that Ben kept on filling my cup.

I left for home at 11:00pm… and despite the party being an all-male party, it was just as enjoyable.  I guess that’s the importance of hanging out together, altough the thought of having some bikini clad babes hanging around with us did seem more tempting.. but then again, that’s not the purpose of the party… but then, the thought of having just a few around seems nice….hehhehehe


  1. Deejay
    >>> hahah.. Bro Matthew has changed a lot… You’ll be surprise. Even that day, he stayed a while, and left at 9pm despite protest from us..hahaha… Good for him.

    >>> Glad to hear you love BBQ..

  2. Bikini babes I like! But anyway that only happens after you have 2 rounds of Chivas. Cikgu Mathew still drinks ah? Last I heard he stopped on hard drinks and hot babes….. hehehe…. is he making a Comeback? I just signed up with Engkabang.Net but I can’t see Cigu Mathew there 🙂

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