Pass English To Pass SPM


Latest education issue.  You need to pass your English paper, to pass your SPM.

What do I think??

Well… here’s a good thought…..




*Jumping jovially*

Honestly, I’m not ignorant that some people fare badly at English, and if you count those from the rural areas, I am not in anyway trying to discriminate them, but I do see things in a positive way.

By pushing the importance of English (making it compulsory to pass English to pass SPM), future Malaysians stand to fare better internationally, hence making it possible for us to be more competitive. And for the students in the rural areas? Well, it’s time for them to start learning more than those dirty words found on TV, isn’t it?

And what about our national language, BM? I’m sorry to say this new move will more or less signal the ‘goodbye’ for BM. Although BM would always remain important to communicate among Malaysians, but I have to agree that shall English become a must pass in SPM, BM would loose huge ground. Even worst than it is currently experiencing under the PPSMI (Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English) project.  I had my say on PPSMI here.

How about implementation? I hugely feel that the government should start from the basics. Move slowly from those in primary school, and bring them up to secondary school. This means that the first ‘must pass English paper’ exam should be in 2021, and not earlier. The benchmark of the success of its implementation should not be done before 2030, and all calls to re-look into the policy should be ignored totally.

I’m sure you have no problem understanding why I suggested 2021 for the full policy implementation, but 2030 to see the policy success? Maybe you have reservations, because I am talking about over 20 years here. My justification goes like this; A student will only realize whether the whole education system they have gone through is worthwhile once they are already working, or have completed the whole system, or in other words, they are already utilizing their knowledge.

My personal experience says that the system I went through (learning Science and Maths in BM) sucks, because I felt the hardship of getting used to all those technical and scientific terms when I left school to further my studies, and nowadays.. I do see that English proficiency is dwindling because less emphasis is placed on such an important language. So yes, I agree with Tun Mahathir… Don’t Forsake English and Ruin Children’s Future.

Btw, I updated my simple movie review on Paul Blart Mall Cop and Terminator Salvation.


  1. It’s a commendable move, and might i say, About time? the only thing left to worry about is HOW in order for it to convenient and benefit everyone. To start with, you do sometimes notice the awful grammar and obviously bad spelling that are such eye-sores every time you read an entry or a comment (no offense to anyone) that is the product of our education system nowadays. worst is when the English teachers themselves who r inadequate to teach English. sigh… i have so much to say, and yet, everyone has said it. shall we leave it to YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin now?

    Yup.. have to wait for Muhyiddin…. I think and see the younger generation are supportive of the move…

  2. The reason that English can be used anywhere in the world makes it one real important language, and having it made a compulsory passing requirement for SPM should get the students to take it more seriously.

    Yes, you got a very good point Robin.

  3. Nice I love your post. But BM is one of the most spoken language in the world. It is not that bad. Haha…Of course it is good if you’re able to master other languages as well! =)

    First of all, thanks!! BM as one of the most spoken language? Seriously?? Bahasa Indonesia I agree la.. but not BM.

  4. BM is not spoken much anywhere else except for Malaysia and some other parts of the world. We are comparing English and BM here. It is like comparing a rat with an elephant.

    Hmm.. When you put it that way, then that’s a huge contrast then.. right?

  5. Hi its too correct cyril.. im alwiz be ur side.. how do the malaysian can made the official thouht that malay is very2 important? instead english is world wild language but how if it compared with BM? im sure tat bm could save us in malaysia.. if u learn english then u no need to worry bout which place u r in.. ha3 =)

    Yes. my point exactly. BM is only used in Malaysia.. why emphasis so much on it? English can also be a unifying language ba.


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