PC Lampshade Street solar light review


I recently purchased the PC Lampshade Street solar light, which is for me to, the perfect solar light for my house signage.

Since I tend to have night deliveries to my house, I decided it would be good if my house number could be seen when it’s dark.

That’s when I decided to buy this solar light.

What I liked about the light

I choose this light because I thought it had good length and brightness, and could last until morning.

If you see the remote, there’s options to set the light to be powered for 4 hours to 12 hours.

There’s also an option to on both the yellow and white light, which will totally make the light look amazing!

On top of that, it was just below RM50, so it was a real bargain.

Problems with the PC Lampshade Street solar light

Unfortunately, upon receiving the Street solar light, I detected it may be defective.

The light does start when it turns dark, but I couldn’t change it into different modes like it’s supposed to do.

Even more disappointing is its inability to shine anymore light once I turn or pick it up.

You can see the problem below in the video I made.

Trying to get a refund or replacement

I have contacted the seller to get it replaced, and the video above was used as proof.

Like I said, I will buy it again if I can get the light replaced because I really like the idea of the light and how bright it shines.

If you are interested with the light, you can buy it at https://invol.co/cl2it2e.

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