Perodua Alza: The Name


What a hideous name for a car. ALZA! Of all the car names, be it Kancil, Kelisa, Kenari, VivaMyvi, Nautica… I personally felt Alza was a total turn off. I knew about the name a few days before, but I didn’t want to say anything, because I thought that they might eventually have a change in mind, and rename the MPV to something nicer..

Yes, I know, Rusa sounds equally bad, but I would argue that Rusa at least has Malaysia written all over it.

Sure, I know that this 1.5cc MPV’s name means ‘To rise‘ in Spanish, but when ever I hear the name ‘ALZA’, I have this complete negative vibe. I really thought that Perodua was starting to name cars the right way, especially with the Myvi , Nautica and Viva which sounds ultimately modern and complex. Naahhhh.. I don’t care Jeremy Clark calling the MyVi a MeeVeee

Yup, I know, I sound so bitter about the name ‘Alza’, but a consolation for the Alza.. It does look nice, and it is cheap for MPVs in the same class, and I do expect people to disregard the name, and buy the MPV anyway. Interestingly, Motor sport blogger, Paul Tan says that the Perodua Alza isn’t in the same league as the Proton Exora, but rather almost halfway towards competing with Waja and Persona. Either way, Malaysia Boleh!  Photo from The Star & Paul Tan.



  1. At the end of the day, quality, reliability & customer satisfaction will make the name.

    TOYOTA – so not classy but so what … the quality is great!

    =) Toyota is established. Of course Proton and Perodua will have to work hard to beat em..

  2. stupid name? hehe…11K bookings in 2 week does’nt seem that way huh!? right back 2 your face!

    Different people got different opinion.. No point on harassing other peoples opinion, especially since you do not dare put up your real name and website =)


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