Personal Attacks, The Sarawakian Way?


I’ll be frank, this article has POLITICS written all over it.  As a matter of fact, it has the Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud all written over the word ‘Politics’.  So, you’re suggesting I’m going to do some personal attacks, eyh?

Well, NO.  Personal attacks are for cowards.  Real heroes look at the big picture, the whole picture.  So I bet you must be thinking “So he thinks he’s a hero now?“.

Absolutely not!  I’m not a hero, but I’m just one darn proud Sarawakian whom feels Sarawak is home. Sarawak is paradise.  Try and mock Sarawak, and you’ll get a good lecture from me about how great Sarawak is.  Yes, despite some ‘looming issues’ which are yet to be ironed out, Sarawak is the best part of Malaysia, and I do not mean that to offend anyone from other parts of Malaysia.  I bet, if you are a Sabahan, or Johorian, or Kelantanese… you’d claim the same.

So, everyone in Sarawak knows of long serving Taib Mahmud, or in a more respectable way, known as Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud, or in the Sarawakian way “Pak Uban” a.k.a “White Hair”. He has been the Sarawak Chief Minister for over 28 year (If I don’t miss-calculate), and he deserves every right to claim that he transformed Sarawak into what it is now.  Frankly speaking, at the moment I am writing this post, I have simply no idea who will be the best candidate to replace him as CM.  The feeling kind of goes back to when Tun Mahathir announced he’s leaving.

I’m not sure if I’d get into trouble for saying this, but Taib has been too long at helm and he needs to find a new replacement soon. This fact, I do admit…

BUT… this thought got me thinking. “If you love something so much, would I simply give it away to anyone?

This I believe is what’s playing in Taib’s mind. Lets look at the hard facts, and I do mean facts that we all know as Sarawakians.  Taib has been the Sarawak CM for over 28 years, and what happens if you cling on to something for so long?

Yeah, you fall in LOVE . You take good care of it, and you become overly protective of it.

I think that’s why Taib is having difficulty in finding his replacement.  People say he likes the power he has, but have a quick chat with people of his age, and you will notice how they are not fond of working, especially when their children and grand children being already successful.  I believe that Taib is no different.  He wants to let go, he’s just unsure whether he will be making the right choice.  I mean, look at Mahathir and his successor, Abdullah Badawi? I bet most of you are now shaking your heads when you are reminded of how these two were smiling together on one fine day, and drawing swords the next day.  I’m no economy expert, but the Mahathir-Badawi spat left a dent in the Malaysian economy.

Now, back to Taib.  I found this site called the Sarawak Report on the internet.  It’s basically a new site which focus ultimately on Taib.  They must be an avid fan you figure.  Well, on the contrary.  The site is dedicated to dig mud and dirt on Sarawak’s longest serving CM, which I felt was so not Sarawakian.  The site is full of personal attacks, and facts which are simply not backed up by any solid proof! You can pick and choose one of the articles they have, and figure everything out for yourself.  Most of the articles claim they have solid proof, but where is it? It makes me wonder…

Frankly speaking, if I had a chance to choose a father or grandfather, it will not be Taib Mahmud because I can’t even have property without being suspected of using tax-payers money.  Even if I worked hard to get something by myself, people will still claim that Taib had a hand in enabling me to have it.  The Sarawak Report continues to unfold reports of properties owned world wide by Taib’s empire.  The scandals go on and on, saying they have proof, claiming they have this and that… and yet.. they show little proof but a bunch of photos.

There’s also reports saying that Taib did himself a favor by negotiating deals which will benefit him.  To this allegations, I one question “HOW DO YOU KNOW?”  Do you have solid proof? Did you handle the documents pertaining to this?  Seriously, if you’d be pointing your finger towards news reports, blogs and also other people whom have little or no connection towards the deals which were made… then YOU HAVE NO PROOF.

Yeah, PKR, PAS, DAP are all political parties, and I for once hate PERKASA, and I admit that UMNO does get on my nerves to some extend.  BN is also no exception as I continue to tell people the same answer when they ask me which political party I’d vote.  My answer is always “I will vote for who I think is honest, right, and does their job right.

Okay, a longer story cut short. I am not defending Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud here.  It may seem that way, but really, I am not.  It’s just that I feel that Sarawakians or anyone should at all cost refrain from the bad examples set by other political parties which engage in personal attacks towards an individual.

Look at the positive side of things… what has Sarawak gained after so long?  Are we still that ‘backward state’ which everyone claims we are?  Look a particular state under the rule of PAS, they are just as big as Samarahan or Kuching, and yet they are the least developed state in Malaysia, and receive the least Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  Sarawak is bigger than Peninsular Malaysia, and is full of rough terrain but yet, we are top of the list in terms of FDI according to this report.  Again, I’m not trying to be-little any states, but I am trying to lay down the facts. Frankly speaking, except for Sarawak football, Sarawak has been progressing steadily through the years, and its all because of the good governance by the Sarawak State Government.

And all this personal attacks… I quote my favorite quote to date “If you’re really confident about yourself, you don’t have to bring other people down.

Seriously, are personal attacks really needed? because the way I see it, personal attacks on the CM will dent investor confidence in the whole state hence making Sarawak at the loosing end of any business deals.  Now that’s the BIG PICTURE.  Likewise, it is easy to write a post based on lies, assumptions and headless allegations, but it is a great challenge to write down the real facts.


  1. Hmmm if I start talking about this it’s hard for me to stop hehehe Anyway, don’t worry this will be short :p Yes, I do share the same fear too, I’m afraid that those who will replace him is worst. We all know how this fella have been hated by many for his monopoly over a lot of things be it politically and economically but if he’s guilty of any accusation made by many people, then they have to prove it, not that I’m defending this fella but that what should they do if they really sure about all those accusations. Frankly speaking, I don’t have anything that I truly admire in him, some people might think he’s good leader, yes he is a good leader in the sense that he’s firm in his decision but we human can be sick and tired of something if it’s there for too long. I agree with Irene, the worst case scenario is when people fight to get his place when he left, I’m pretty sure that everyone will want to be there. But one thing we should remember, this fella is not a fool and he is a smart fella, surely he have his own plans (after one plan failed), the least he will do is that he himself will select his own replacement and I think he will.

  2. Irene:
    Yea.. you know I know.. and you and I both share the same fear.. sadly, not all people realize about it.

    When time comes… Just hope it doesn’t become bad.

  3. Even though you-know-I-know, what it is all about, even if what the site said it’s true or just making up story *LOL* really who can replace him? It’s not that we defend him or what, everyone wants him down but is there anyone that can take his place? Sure those sitting opposite of BN will say they can but who? Then, can they guarantee they won’t end up one day just like him? Admit it, everyone has their ego and also greed especially when you are so high up, the longer you are there, the worst it gets. Really, that’s human nature, that’s the fact no matter who you are else might as well go to be a monk.

    We’ll just see when his time come, who will be taking his place. What I worry most is that, people will fight to go up the place and there might be war not only the one initiated by his own people(family and parties) but politicians from all walks of life. Scary I tell you, really cannot imagine what will happen.

    Then, UXXO will sure come to kacau. Don’t forget, he’s one of the reasons, UXXO got no chance to come in. What make our state unique is that we don’t have UXXO. I really hope they will never come in.

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